[Enter the fanboys!]
        Mayhem: [dusting himself off] "Yare yare, now that was an experience not to be relived."
        Pesti: [groan!] "I don't ever want to do a moviefic like that again!"
        Chaos: "Easy for you to say, Pesti-chan. I've still got paddle marks from that Haruna & Usagi hentaific we got stuck in...and I still smell like jello!"
        Havoc: [sniff!] "Ah! And such a lovely scent it is. It's definitely lemon-lime jello, but there's something else in there I just can't put my finger on. Oh wait a minute! I did put my finger on it!"
        Chaos & Pesti: "HENTAI!!!"
        Havoc is unceremoniously booted from the fanficfic!]
        Pesti: "My only consolation is that we got to annihilate that bestial hermaphrodite into oblivion. And even then..."
        Havoc: "Ah, the memories...the tub of jello, Ami-chan in the pool, that Sailor Gay mound of panties, the tub of jello, playing doubles with Haruna in our Spank the Senshi game, trying to grab Puu-chan's panties, the tub of jello--!"
        All: "We get the idea, Havoc."
        Pesti: "Ecchi."
        Chaos: [sigh!] "I fear what might happen if Havoc learns how to do that hentaific jumping on his own."
        Havoc: "I just had one complaint, as voiced by my associate, Lord Charon: Y4 the good bits got cut out?! All that hentai gone, I tell you! Gone!"
        Mayhem: "Blame the author."
        Pesti: 'Thank the author."
        Chaos: "Smite the author!"
        Mayhem: "I'd just as soon smite Charon than the author. I at least am getting someplace with my Ami-chan."
        Pesti: "Smoking or non?"
        Mayhem: "Cute, Pesti-chan, very cute."
        Chaos: [consults calendar] "We definitely deserve a vacation for this one, and...what?! We start work on F6! tomorrow?!"
        Pesti: "That doesn't even count the four new fanficfics we've now got to read and critique, plus three more omakefics in the works."
        Mayhem: "The idiom 'no rest for the wicked' suddenly springs to mind."
        Chaos: "Dammit, I did not strip Hotaru nekkid, okay?!"
        Pesti: "Calm down, Chaos. Look, we've got another piece of fanficfic. We can just relax with it, ne?"
        Mayhem: "So who wrote it?"
        Pesti: "Um...Famine, my fellow underlord in training, training."
        Chaos: [sulking] "If he tries to kidnap me and my Mako-chan again...!"
        Pesti: "*WHOSE* Mako-chan?!"

        >Ola Chaos, it is I underlord in training, in training Famine. After writing more fanboys and adding comments to the already wonderful fics that were sent to you, I feel that you need a break! So here is a very, very, very long story for you to sit back, relax and read. Be warned: Charon showed a bit of his hentai so I feel that it is ok that I show a bit of my psycho dysfuntionallity. (sp?)

        Mayhem: [with Charon plushie] "Don't make me behead this, Famine!"
        Chaos: "Like that's ever stopped you from decapitating that Charon plushie before, Mayhem."
        Pesti: "Ne, where's Anarchy and Rampage? If this is anything like his Screwed-Up Kidnapping Of Mako-chan fanficfic, then she'd already be chugging down some sake and junior mints."
        Mayhem: [reading a note] "Apparently she's busy hunting the great white Mokona with Rampage. Tasuki's along to help with the barbeque."
        Chaos: "Yes! Roast that demonic little marshmallow, and spare me a smiting!!"

        >This fanficfic is going to make you not very pleased with me half way through the fic and it will also scare you out of your mind. You will probably have to sleep with a night light after reading how weird I Famine can get!

        Chaos: "And just what's so bad about sleeping with a Mako-chan night light?"
        Mayhem: "What frightens me more is that you always seem to sleep as a girl now, Chaos."
        Pesti: "Hai hai."
        Chaos: [pouting] "......"

        >p.s. Chaos: Sorry for using one of your characters as the main bad guy or bad girl. Don't worry, his or her identity will not be revealed.

        Mayhem: "Too late. We already discovered that the S&M Red Queen of Clamp's Wonderland is Kasumi not Haruka."
        Pesti: [shudders!] "Brrr...Kasumi as a dominatrix frightens me a helluva lot more than Haruka ever could."
        Havoc: "Ha! That Skimehime-chan could never be the true Hentenno-sama!!"
        Chaos: "SHADDUP HAVOC!!!"

        >p.p.s WARNING The vocabulary of the characters is in rapid dialogue, so people who hate rapid dialogue, too bad.
And now without further adieu I present:



        Chaos: o.O "Na ni?!"
        Pesti: "No good can come of this for anyone."
        Mayhem: [with Wide World O' Anime map!] "You know, I hear Cephiro's pretty good this time of year."

        >scary eh?

        Pesti: "Not as scary as that!!"
        [Cue Red Queen Kasumi!]
        Chaos: o.O
        Red Queen: "OHO HO HO OH OH HOH HOH HO!!! Call me the Queen and lick my boots, please!!"
        All: "Kowai!!!"
        Pesti: "She's even more frightening than Red Queen Haruka."
        Mayhem: "Hai hai."
        [Chaos races across the Email, chased after by Red Queen Kasumi!]
        Chaos: [frantic SD form!] "KYAAA!!!! JO'O-SAMA JO'O-SAMA JO'O-SAMA JO'O-SAMA!!!!"
        Havoc: "Would Chaos count as a contestant in my game of Spank the Senshi?"
        Mayhem: "Only if he's in female Haley form."
        Havoc: [sighs and tosses his wooden spanker spoon] "Dammit."

        > There were people screaming and huddling in fear in the apartment of the Fanboys. They could do nothing but sit there and watch this gruesome sight. The Fanboys went super deformed and tried to look away but it was to late: they just finished watching Chaos' new try at a hit movie: Halloween FaN a new try to remake Halloween H2O Fanboys style.

        Pesti: "Good lord, not *another* dumb Fanime of yours, Chaos!"
        Chaos: "What?! What's so bad about my Fanimes, or my Chaosfics for that matter?"
        Mayhem: "That ill-fated Gundam: War In The Pocket Monsters fic comes to mind."

        >Pesti: That was absolutely the stupidest thing you could have written, Chaos!

        Pesti: "It couldn't have been as bad as that hideous Usagi Yatsura Chaosfic of yours. Who could ever believe that Neptune would go around dressed in Lum's tiger-striped binkini and zap a girl-flirting lech like Haruka?!"
        Mayhem: [pointing to Chaos] "Well, we've got one believer over here."
        Chaos: "Hush, Newt-boy!!"
        Haruka: [sharpening her Space Sword!] "Ne, Chaos, what's this about turning me into a lecherous pervert like Havoc?"
        Havoc: "Hotcha! Um...would I then need to steal your panties or boxer shorts, Haruka?"
        Haruka: [eyebrow twitch!] "WORLD SHAKING!!!"
        [Havoc is world shaken right out of the slasherfic!!]
        Havoc: "H-H-H-H-H-O-O-O-T--T-C-C--C-H-H-H-H-A-A-A-A-A-A!!!!!!"

        >Mayhem: I have to agree with Pesti-chan on this one and all the rest.
        Chaos: It wasn't that bad was it?
        Pesti & Mayhem: Oh yes it was.
        Chaos: You people are just jealous because you can't write such fine material.

        Mayhem: "Yes, and he's been called the greatest gift to MSTers everywhere."
        Chaos: "Hush, Newt-boy! Besides, I was only called the greatest gift to MSTers in North America."

        >Pesti: Yeah ok, whatever. Chaos, let me do something for the good of all of us.
        Pesti went and pulled the tape out of the VCR and threw it to Rampage who promptly ate it and after of few minutes, spat it back out because of the bad taste.
        Mayhem: I never saw Rampage spit something back out before.
        Chaos: She just doesn't have good taste.

        Pesti: "And yet she still seems to keep chowing down on you, Chaos."
        Chaos: "Ya know, it feels kinda strange to not have Rampage suddenly scarfing down on my shirt."
        Mayhem: "Don't look at me to entertain your freaky, super deformed dancing fits, Chaos."

        >Pesti: She must not because right now she is chewing on your arm.
        So with Chaos running around in mass hysteria Mayhem and Pesti-chan went to bed. The next morning (which is Saturday) Mayhem and Pesti-chan woke up to find Chaos still running around with Rampage attached to his arm and they also found that they had an e-mail waiting for them.

        Chaos: [reading Email] "hey, another postcard from Desolation! 'Dear Chaos, after that unfortunate incident with the entire army of Zaibach (don't ask) I found myself back in Tokyo to get myself patched up. Tried this acupuncture clinic run by a renowned physician named Dr. Tofu. Made the mistake of booking an appointment when Kasumi Tendo showed up. It hurt. A lot. Had to spend the rest of that Ranma 1/2 season in traction. Desolation. P.S.: WHERE THE HELL AM I NOW?!?!?!?"
        Mayhem: "The poor guy's even more glutton for punishment than you are, Chaos."

        >Mayhem: Rampage please let go of his arm.
        Rampage let go of Chaos' arm and then switched to his foot
        Chaos: Atleast I can check the e-mail now.
        So the three Fanboys huddled around the laptop and found the e-mail was from:

        Chaos: o_O "Na ni? What kind of an Email address is this?"
        Mayhem: "This coming from the guy who's Email address is ,>."
        Havoc: "Wanna know what my address is?"
        All: "NO!"

        >Chaos: Do we know this person?
        The e-mail read: To the Fanboys: Chaos, Mayhem, Havoc and Pesti-chan.
        Pesti: This e-mail is also for Havoc?
        Havoc: Hey, I have fans out there.

        Havoc: "Hotcha! So long as it's not another Skimehime-chan trying to usurp the Royal Thong from me, I'm thrilled!"
        Chaos: [groan] "One of you and one of her's bad enough as it is, Havoc!"

        >Chaos: Where did you come from?
        Havoc: Here, there and everywhere.

        Havoc: [listing the places he/she's been: "Ladies changerooms, ladies bedrooms, laundromats, Rei-chan's temple, Megami Paradise..."
        Pesti: "Didn't he nuke that place in his first Hentai Omake?"
        Mayhem: "He just learned they made Megami Paradise 2."
        Pesti: "Noooooooooo!!!!"
        Havoc: [still listing!] "Showers, bathhouses, the Tendo Dojo, the park, Tokyo Tower, Cephiro, Mako-chan's apartment..."
        Chaos & Pesti: "WHAT?!"

        >Chaos, Mayhem & Pesti: o_O
(e-mail cont'd) You have just won an all expenses paid weekend in a very old mansion in the middle of nowhere so that nobody can hear you scream. This mansion is on the edge of Doom Forest and right close to Fall To Your Death Cliff. Your trip is from today till Sunday so get yourself over to this mansion right away so that the fun can begin. Signed Your Last Holiday Vacation Co.

        Mayhem: "Oh, that sounds just soooo cheerful."
        Pesti: "Your sarcasm is dully noted,"
        Chaos: "What kind of an idiot would even consider going to such an obvious slasherfic trap?!"

        >Chaos: Sounds like fun, lets go!

        Chaos: o.O
        Mayhem: "The prosecution rests, your Honour."
        Pesti: "Chaos, if we get killed because of this, I'm gonna come back and torment you with my ghost!"

        >Pesti: Doesn't this e-mail seem a bit frightening to you Chaos?
        Mayhem: Yeah and look at the words in the e-mail, they all deal with death and pain.
        Havoc: Sounds like my kind of weird and strange weekend.

        Havoc: "If they're kawaii little panty-clad serial killers around, then count me in!!"
        Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "You really are a chronic pervert, Havoc."

        >Chaos: Ha ha, Mayhem and Pesti-chan. Me and Havoc out vote you two so all of us are going.
        Mayhem and Pesti-chan looked at each other and wondered how Chaos could have got through school at all with math skills like that.

        Mayhem: "Simple. It's exactly like how he's passing here: the teachers are sending him forward a grade praying they don't ever have to deal with him again."
        Chaos: "Hush!"

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