>Pesti: Fine we'll go but only if you can promise that we will have a fun >time.
        Chaos: Hey, Anarchy isn't invited so we will have fun. Also Rampage isn't going.
        Chaos pries Rampage off him with an umbrella. Rampage looked all happy
        as she sucked Chaos' sock like a piece of spaghetti down her throat. She then walked over to the kitchen, ate the fridge and then lay down for a nap.
        Mayhem: But it is fun already to watch you get smited frequently by Anarchy and eaten by Rampage.
        A small replica of the Tokyo tower crashes through the ceiling and hits Chaos. It would have been the real Tokyo tower but Anarchy wasn't quite awake yet. Chaos pulls himself from underneath the tourist attraction

        Chaos: "Ha ha! I get smited down but I get up again!! Not even Sailor Star Polaris' dumb Gentle Uterus smite'll keep me down!"
        [Cue the Gentle Uterus!]
        Chaos: "Ow."
        Pesti: [sigh!] "I'll go get the vacuum cleaner."

        >just as Rampage bounds over and eats the tower and dives at Chaos. Chaos ducked out of the way and his mind was settled right then that they were getting out of there.
        So they packed there bags and wrote a note that read "take me" and taped it to Rampage. Just to make sure Rampage wouldn't go anywhere Chaos tied her up with rope, chains, adamant and duct tape. Chaos then left Rampage on the front steps of a convent and he then peeled out of there to get to the vacation mansion.

        Pesti: That was so cruel of us to leave Rampage there all alone.
        Mayhem: "The only thing that will be even more cruel will be what Anarchy does to Chaos when she finds out about this."

        >Chaos: Hey, if it was my way he would be skinned and used as the luggage that is holding my skirts er, I mean pants.

        [Mayhem & Pesti-chan warily look over at Chaos, who's now modeling a kawaii frilly skirt.]
        Chaos: "Do you think this bow goes with my blouse?"
        Pesti: [eyebrow twitch!] "M-M-Masaka!!"

        >Any ways she'll be fine, she ate a big breakfast.
        So the Fanboys finally made it to the deserted mansion. It was sunset when they found it because we all know about Chaos' impeccable sense of direction.

        Chaos: "Could be worse: it could have been Desolation's sense of direction."
        Pesti: [sigh!] "Then we would have never gotten around to doing this slasherfic. We'd probably be recovering from getting Gravity Beamed by the Nadesico."

        >The mansion was rundown and was dark, the paint was faded and was peeling away. There was an eerie light coming from the inside of the mansion and there was no sound of any animals close by. The only
        sound they could hear was the wind blowing through the leafless petrified trees and regrettably the sound of Havoc changing into a very female Havoc.

        [Cue female Havoc!]
        Havoc: "OHO HOH HO HO OHO HO HO HOH OHO!!!!! Call me Hentenno Jo'o-sama!!!!"
        Chaos: "KYAAAA!!! Give me back my bra, Havoc!"
        [And SD male Chaos in a skirt chases after Havoc, wielding an umbrella!]
        Havoc: "Ah, and what kawaii little bows you've got on it too!"
        Chaos: "I was saving that for tonight's fashion show with Setsuna!!!"
        [Mayhem & Pesti-chan sweatdrop!]
        Pesti: "So long as he doesn't show her his Card Captor Setsuna sequel Chaosfic, Desperately Seeking Setsuna, he'll be back for the F6! fanfic."
        Mayhem: "Baka baka."

        >Havoc: Hotcha! Are we all ready for a fun filled Saturday night and Sunday? Chaos grinned. He figured that this would actually be a nice weekend with his buddies and nothing would go wrong. What he didn't realize was that this was the last night where he will ever be able to open up his eyes and see Mayhem, Pesti and Havoc again.

        Mayhem & Pesti: o.O "Eh?! Na ni?!"
        Chaos: "Havoc, I could live without seeing!"
        Havoc: "Hey, and you've got matching bowtie panties too, Chaos!"
        [Chaos goes bug-eyed upon sensing a sudden draft!]

        >The Fanboys walked up the creaky front steps to the porch. Then they walked to the front door which mysteriously opened by itself. They walked in and looked around. It was surprisingly clean on the inside in contrast to the outside but the paint was still dark. The light sources were lanterns lit that were adorning the walls. They were standing in the foyer. In front of them was the staircase that led up to their rooms. To the right was a door that led into the living room and library. To the left was a door that led to the kitchen and dining room. From the living room you could head into the ballroom. All was quiet.

        Havoc: "OHO HOH HO HO OHO HO HO HOH OHO!!!!!"
        Mayhem: [sigh!] "Meanwhile, in our world silence went extinct long ago."

        >Mayhem: Its got a gothic feel to it.
        Havoc: The colours clash with my panties.

        Chaos: "Those are my panties, you're talking about!! Give them back!!!"
        Havoc: "Hotcha! Sailor silkies too!"

        >Pesti: It may be a nice place to er, stay in but I wouldn't want to live here.
        Chaos: What are you guys talking about, this place is perfect for us to get in touch with our inner smite.
        The other three Fanboys didn't look as hopeful.

        Pesti: "Hai. Mind running that whole 'Chaos would never again see Pesti-chan, Mayhem or Havoc' thing by me again?"

        >Mayhem: I suggest that we go up to our rooms and unpack.
        Pesti: Sounds like a plan. Just let me get my camera which I forgot outside.
        Pesti-chan went to the door and found that it wouldn't open.
        Pesti: Hmmm, that's strange.
        Mayhem: What?
        Pesti: The door won't open.
        Mayhem tried a window.
        Mayhem: The windows won't open either and I can't break through the glass.

        Mayhem: "What we need now is either a good case of Dark Schneider or Zoantropy."
        Havoc: [with whip!] "CALL ME HENTENNO JO'O-SAMA!!!"
        Chaos: "KYAAAAAAA!!!!"
        Pesti: "We're doomed."

        > Chaos got a look of desperation on his face as he ran forward, pulled out a herring and repeatedly tried breaking the glass.
       Chaos: Oh my God noooo...
        Mayhem: What's wrong? Are you scared because we can't leave this dreary place?
        Chaos: No I'm not scared. I just left all my evening wear outside.

        [Everyone facevaults!]
        Chaos: "Well I would have had something to wear had a *certain* pervert not stolen my underwear. Havoc...!"

        >(cue the sweat drops)
        Havoc: Well since we are stuck in here we might as well get used to it.
        Chaos: Havoc is right, no matter how strange that sounds of someone agreeing with him, I mean her or whatever, this place isn't that bad.
        Pesti: It feels like were in a horror movie.

        Mayhem: "Correction: it's a slasherfic."
        Pesti: [groan!] "Either way, I just want out!"

        >Mayhem: What? The four of us trapped in a run down, spooky mansion where nobody can help us?
        Pesti: That and the fact that I am trapped in here with two gender switching its.

        Pesti: "Ecchi."
       Mayhem: "Dragqueen."

        >Havoc: I am happy the way I am.
        Chaos: Yeah and so am I. You just don't know how to get in touch with your feminine side.
        Mayhem: That maybe true but not only did you touch your feminine side but you embraced it.

        Pesti: [with mallet!] "Chaos...!! You embraced my Mako-chan's feminine side?!"

        >Chaos: Hush newt boy. Also, Pesti, what did you mean by gender switching its? We were both born male so we are not its. There is no such thing as an it any ways.
        (cue the diabolical laughing coming from the library)
        BWAH HA, WAH HA, AH HA, HA.

        All: "KYAAAAAAA!!!!"

        > The Fanboys all jumped into each others arms. Which is both hard and strange to do.

        [Chaos leaps into Mayhem's arms!]
        Mayhem: "I'm sorry, but my heart belongs to another."

        >Chaos: I know I've heard that laugh before. (summing up his courage) Come on guys, we are Fanboys and no diabolical laugh can scare us!
        Mayhem: What about the laughter from Red Queen Kasumi and Red Queen Haruka?

        Chaos; "Noo!! If you mention her, she'll suddenly--!!"
        Red Queen Kasumi: "OHO HO HO OH OH HOH HOH HO!!! Call me the Queen and lick my boots, please!!"
        Chaos: [groan!] "-appear."
        Mayhem: "Twice in one fanficfic. That's a terrifying new record."
        Havoc: "We must celebrate this achievement! Jello, anyone?"

        > Havoc's eye began to twitch. Hearing her enemy's names she charged blindly into the library in rage. She ended up hitting a bookshelf and a box came down and landed on her lap.
        Pesti: Havoc, are you ok?
        Havoc: I'm better than ok. Look what I found, a box of Lunatic Party hentai dojinshis! Luck be a gender switching lady tonight.

        Havoc: "Ah! They decided to publish my Hino Rei Rei and my New Angel Ririka Havocfics!"
        [Pesti-chan and Chaos facevault!]
        Pesti: "Ecchi."
        Mayhem: "Ne, would you mind passing me that Ami-chan No Ribon hentaific of yours, Havoc?"
        Chaos: "MAYHEM!!!"

        > Chaos' eye began to twitch as the three Fanboys walked into the library and found a big eyed Havoc up to her eyes in nudity. They also found an old gramophone which was playing the evil laughter. They thought nothing of it and turned it off.

        Chaos: "Ne, do you think it'll play my record of Lodoss War?"
        Pesti: "You left it outside the mansion, remember?"
        Chaos: "Dammit!"

        >Chaos: How dumb are we? We were just scared by a stone age gramophone.
        The Fanboys laughed and never thought of who might have turned the gramophone on.
        Pesti: Well seeing how Havoc is acting with those hentai mangas, I think it is in our best interest to get the hell out of here.
        Mayhem: I agree. You got to help me pull Chaos away from that Lunatic Party though.
        Chaos: I am not interested in it in the way that your thinking. I just was looking at what I could easily achieve one day.

        Chaos: "Saaay, do you think I could try on that negligee Michiru's wearing in this one?"
        Pesti: [shaking his head] "As an underlord in training, I weep for my sensei."

        >Mayhem: You are looking at the wrong magazine, try the next Lunatic Party dojinshi. See, she looks like you!

        Pesti: o.O "Chaos...?"
        Chaos: [frantic SD form!] "It's just a coincidental drawing, I swear!!"

        >Chaos: Hush newt boy.
        So the three Fanboys left Havoc alone in the old library and headed towards the kitchen to get a cool refreshing drink of hard lemonade.
        Havoc didn't even notice them leave. Infact, ?he? didn't notice the two eyes looking at her through the painting behind her. He, er she, er, Havoc also didn't notice the bookcase behind him and her slowly open to reveal a dark passageway. This was the last hentai manga Havoc would ever see.

        Havoc: "Yes! Yes! I get to live out the manga by rebuilding Hentopia!!"
        Chaos & Pesti: "DON'T YOU DARE, HAVOC!!"

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