> In the passage if you looked hard enough you could see the outline of a person coming towards Havoc with no care of what would happen to the vulnerable Fanboy. The figure was dark and wore a trench coat and hat, you couldn't see the figure's face. The left hand of this figure was normal but the right hand wasn't there. In its place was a pan-dimensional Anime mallet used to brutally smite whoever it wanted in a viscous, painful and deadly way. Havoc was about to find this out the hard way. Havoc was just sitting there looking at the magazines when an arm outstretched and grabbed the back of her neck. She was then pulled back, surprisingly with ease by the figure, into the passageway. Havoc knew from the feel of the hand that this was her last chance in this vulnerable world and she made her final snatch of an undergarment.

        Mayhem: "Yep, that's Havoc."
        Chaos: [sigh!] "Even in her final moment she's perverted."

        >Then, she felt an incredible pain in her hand and her head, and then, she felt nothing.

        Mayhem: "Well, at least that's just a slasherfic and not reality."
        Chaos: "I'll say! I mean, if Havoc goes then we're next naturally!! But how does it feel to see yourself get fatally smited, Havoc? Havoc? Havoc...?"
        [The fanboys glance around the apartment.]
        Pesti: "She's gone."
        Mayhem: "You don't think....?"
        Pesti: "Shimatta! If our character's killed off in a slasherfic then we cease to exist too! One fic's intimately tied into the other!!"
        Chaos: o.O "Oh, this is just [beep!]ing ducky!!"

       > (Note from the author: Just for your reference, Havoc is really dead. Also for your reference you should stop cheering that Havoc is dead and fear the fact that The Crazed Killer Who Knows What You Did Last Fanfic is still in the house with the other Fanboys. Guess who's next.)

        [Everyone turns to Chaos, and starts moving away from him.]
        Chaos: "Some friends you are!!"

        > So the three unenlightened Fanboys that were left were in the kitchen trying to scrounge up something to drink. Of course there is absolutely no food or drink in the house and the Fanboys finally realized this.
        Chaos: Oh shimmatta. We are screwed!

        Chaos: [with herring!] "Famine, you've got about 5 seconds to end the slasherfic before I use this!!"

        >Mayhem: Why? Because of the fact that we are stuck in a house with no hard lemonade.
        Chaos: No, we are screwed because I will never see my Mako-chan again.
        Pesti: *Whose* Mako-chan?!\
        (cue the usual fighting between Pesti and Chaos)

        Mayhem: "Oh yeah, we're gonna survive at this rate...for about two more paragraphs."
        Chaos: "I don't see you helping us any here, Newt-boy."
        Mayhem: "*WHO* is a newt?!"
        Chaos: "Yes, who is a newt?"
        Pesti: "Um, guys, remember the crazed killer who knows what we did last fanfic hunting us down and killing us off?"

        > While Pesti-chan and Chaos were fighting they brought up a good point that made Mayhem think. He was stuck in a house with no hard lemonade and more important, he would never see his beloved Sailor Senshi goddess Ami ever again. As you guessed it, Mayhem snapped.
        (cue Lord Charon grinning from ear to ear wherever he may be)

        Mayhem: [with famine plushie doll!] "Lalala..this is the way we behead Famine, behead Famine, behead famine...just like Charon!"
        Pesti: "Oh yeah...he's gone."

        > Finally Pesti-chan and Chaos stopped feuding when they saw their partner in Fanboy crime walking around in little circles talking to himself.
        Pesti: Mayhem, are you ok?
        Mayhem: No hard lemonade and Ami-chan make Mayhem go.......?
        Chaos: Go crazy?
        Mayhem: Don't mind if I do. Eyaaa, ip, bounce, blblblblbbl, I've fallen and I can't get up, Puu! Puu! Puu! Lookie I'm Mokona, Mayhem's mind is not here right now so too bad!
        So Mayhem started bouncing off the walls and doing other annoying things that a crazy person does when Pesti-chan brought it upon himself to stop this show of insanity and picked up the bucket of yellow paint in the corner of the room and hit Mayhem in the head with it. This knocked Mayhem out of his dillusional state and it also made him completely covered in yellow paint.

       Pesti: "He's making a mess of the slasherfic."
        Chaos: "Maybe if we pretend to be puddles of yellow paint we can blend into the fic!"

        >Mayhem: Oh look what you did! And Ami picked this out for me. My face is yellow, there is yellow down my back (cue lord Charon snickering wherever he may be).

        Mayhem; "Just who the hell is writing this anyways?! Famine or Charon?!"

        >And there is some paint dripping in a place that only Ami knows about that I haven't found yet. If you'll excuse me, I need to go get a hot shower.
        So Mayhem left Pesti-chan and Chaos alone and headed up to his room where his bathroom was. He went into the bathroom and got undressed. Throwing the painted clothes on the ground of the bathroom he jumped into the shower, turned on the hot water and tried to relax. Of course, we all know how it is in the shower.

        [Chaos starts to hum the Psycho theme music.]
        Mayhem: "I fail to see what is so amusing, Little Miss Dragqueen."

        >You can barely hear anything or anyone for that matter outside the screen because it is so loud in the shower. Also it didn't help the fact that Mayhem was singing.

        Pesti: "At least it's not Anarchy on karaoke."
        Chaos: "Hai hai."
        Mayhem; "Excuse me, but I think I'm about to die here! Let me do it with at least a single shred of decency!"

        >Mayhem: Rubber ducky, your the one. You make bath time so much fun. Rubber ducky yada yada, blah blah blah blah. Do do de do.

        Mayhem: o.O
        Chaos: "There goes that last shred, Mayhem."
        Pesti: "Mu Mu-chan?"

        > Mayhem turned his back on the shower head. His bad singing and the sound of the water coming out of the shower head drowned out the sound of the bathroom door opening. If Mayhem actually looked at the screen he would have seen the outline of a figure with a mallet for the missing right hand, coming towards him. But, he didn't. The figure went and turned on the taps at the sink and also flushed the toilet. Mayhem, was surprised by the sudden blast of cold water that hit him and he then reverted into newt form. Mayhem, in the bottom of the tub looked up and saw the outline of the figure behind the screen. The figure opened up the screen to reveal The Crazed Killer Who Knows What You Did Last Fanfic. All the newt could do was go super deformed and hold up signs that said: help, 911, S.O.S., S.M.S., S.O.B., murder, police, fire, ambulance, call crime stoppers, get help Lassie, hi mom, and why me? The Crazed Killer raised the mallet and slammed it down on the newt.

        Chaos: "Ohmigod! They killed Mayhem!!!"
        Pesti: "You bastards!!"

        >Mayhem is now pancakes or road kill, whichever you prefer. And if you decided to stay and watch this gruesome happening, you saw the yellow paint mix with the red from Mayhem and you'd watch a thick orange liquid go spiralling down the drain. You would also watch the Crazed Killer leave the bathroom, but not without stepping on Mayhem's yellow soaked clothes.
        (Somewhere in the world Charon opened up a very well dated bottle of French Red Wine and he and Scrapperwolf celebrated)

        Chaos: "Ouch. That's really adding insult to fatality, wouldn't you say, Mayhem? Mayhem?"
        Pesti: "Mayhem?!"
        [Eerie silence and the wind's "Hwoooooo" hiragana scrolls in behind them.]
        Chaos: "Now Mayhem's dead too! Our entire cast is dropping like cows!"
        Pesti: "Maybe this is Famine's retribution for the Oscar: Resurrection moviefic."
        [The two go into terrified SD mode!]
        Chaos: "Ne, Pesti-chan, are you scared to read on in this slasherfic?"
        Pesti: "No...you?"
        Chaos: "No...."
        [Chaos leaps into Pesti-chan's arms!]
        Chaos: "Hold me!"
        Pesti: "Dammit, at least change into a girl first!"

        >(Note from the author: two down, two more to go. Please don't hate me because the Fanboys are getting wasted. And yes, Anarchy, the crazed killer is going after Chaos, eventually)

        Pesti: "To arms! To arms!"
        Chaos: "To legs, hands, feet, eyes, anything we can use to defend ourselves!!"

        > By this time, Pesti-chan and Chaos have found themselves, sitting in the dining room being bored out of their minds. They finally decided to go see how Havoc was doing in the library. when they got there they found a gruesome sight. There was Havoc, hanging from the sealing with a bra around her neck like a noose. Her head was bashed in and her left hand was completely flattened and useless as if somebody wanted to make sure she would never nim panties again. Chaos and Pesti-chan felt incredibly sad and scared. Who could have done this to Havoc, and why. Well they knew why. Havoc being the most disgusting out of all of them. But the main question was who, and then they saw their answer. In Havoc's right hand was somebody's boxers. They were white with little pan dimensional Anime mallets decorating them.

        Chaos: "M-M-Masaka...it's Haruka after all!!"
        Haruka: [swith Space Sword!] "WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?"
        Chaos: "KYAAAA!!!!! SHE'S GONNA SMITE ME!!!!"
        Pesti: "Chaos, get a grip! We've got to get ourselves primed with every last smiting technique to make sure neither one of us is smited in the remainder of this slasherfic!"

        >Chaos: Oh my. Before Havoc died she stole her assailants underwear. But what kind of crazed killer would wear underwear with pan dimensional Anime mallets on them. And who uses mallets to kill and hurt people.

        [Chaos' warily looks to Pesti-chan]
        Chaos: "So it was you with the mallet in the kitchen! And here I thought all this time it was in the conservatory!!"
        [Pesti-chan lobs a cabbage at Chaos!]
       Pesti: "Baka, this isn't Fanboy Clue here! But you had better get one otherwise the crazed killer who knows what we did last fanfic's gonna have one less fanboy to kill!!"
        Chaos: [aghast!] "You're going to commit sepukku?!"
        Pesti: [eyebrow twitch!] "Maybe I really should kill you first."

        >Pesti: Oh grow up. It wasn't me. Yes, Havoc is annoying but I wouldn't kill him. Besides, I was with you the entire time.
        Chaos: Oh yeah. So if it wasn't you and me. And it isn't Mayhem's style to use mallets then who was it?
        Pesti: Let's check the boxers. Some people write their names in their underwear. Maybe the person who killed Havoc did that.
        Chaos: Ok, so lets look.

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