> (note from the author: this is where whoever is reading boo's me because I just killed the Fanboy that everybody loves. Poor innocent Pesti-chan who doesn't do anything wrong is killed with a phone stuck in his head. Please don't kill or hurt me.)

       Chaos: "What the?! So I'm spared because nobody likes me?! This is an outrage, isn't it Pesti-chan?"
       Chaos: o.O "Um...Pesti-chan? Pesti-chan? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

       > Chaos was alone in the dining room. He was hiding underneath the table. Chaos kept his eyes glued on the two swinging doors that separated the dining room from the kitchen. He saw in the circular windows of the doors a shadow. It came closer and closer.
       Chaos: (in his mind) Ok, calm down Chaos, its probably Pesti-chan playing a prank. Everything will be just fine. Remember you are hidden in a very safe spot where it would be hard to see me. But its probably Pesti-chan any ways.

        [Chaos summons an entire herd of falling cows!]
       Chaos: "Dammit, if I'm going down, I'm taking you to hell with me, Famine!"

       > The door opened to reveal the Crazed Killer. In front of the Crazed Killer was a tray on wheels. You couldn't tell what was on the tray because it was covered with a silver lid. On the Killer's head was a chef's hat. Chaos could barely keep himself quiet. Also surprisingly, he didn't wet his pants. The Killer looked left and right. Then the Killer gave the tray a mighty push and it wheeled into the middle of the room. The Killer then turned around and the kitchen doors shut behind him or her. Chaos was wondering what was under the lid. Finally, making sure that the Killer wasn't around, he crept out from under the table and went over to the tray. Slowly, Chaos reached towards the handle on the lid of the tray. Finally he grasped it and with one sudden movement he threw the lid away. It clattered to the floor by the door which led out of the dining room. Chaos screamed like a girl and he had every right to. There on the tray was Pesti-chan. All decorated and made to look like a suckling pig at a luau. And to add injury to insult, in Pesti's mouth, instead of an apple, there was a cabbage.

       Chaos: o.O "The humanity!! The humani-saaay...is that shish kabob?"
        [Chaos gets clocked with a ghostly pan-dimensional Anime mallet!]

       >Crazed Killer: BWAH HA, WAH HA, AH HA, HA.
        Chaos wheeled around to see the Crazed Killer standing in the doorway, pointing his mallet at Chaos and laughing that demonic laugh. That was when Chaos peed himself.
        The Crazed Killer took a step forward and Chaos jumped in the air and did a 180 degree turn. He then ran in the complete opposite direction of the Killer. Chaos ran towards the way out of the dining room, and he would have made it out except that he stepped on the tray lid and he went skimming around the dining room on the tray screaming all the way.
        Finally the tray stopped skimming around when the Killer hit the tray with the mallet. Chaos, agreeing with the laws of motion for a change, continued forward until he slammed into the solid oak dining room table. Chaos' mind went all fuzzy. It took a short while but his mind finally sorted out what part of the fuzz was the pain and confusion and what fuzz was his actual mind of intelligence. Everything came into focus and the focus was on The Crazed Killer Who Knows What You Did Last Fanfic who lifted the right arm with the mallet. The mallet paused in the air to add suspense and.....................

       Chaos: "KYAAAA!!!!! My super-deformed life is flashing before my eyes, and...ooh, that's kinda nice, getting to grope Mako-chan, and-KYAAA!! Look out Chaos! Mako-chan's gonna punch you right through the...nevermind."

       >(cue the eye catch)

../ / | \ \..
./ / / | \ \ \.
/ / / | \ \ \
/ / / | \ \ \
\ | /
\ | /
\ | /
\ | /
\ | /
\ | /
\ | /
\ | /
\ | /
\ | /(__)
\|/ (oo)
/----|---(..) moo!
/| ||
* ||++---||
^^ ^^

        Chaos: o.O "That's the eyecatch? A...A...parachuting cow?!"
        [An SD Chaos is smited by said cow!]
        Chaos: "You mean it's ending like this?!?! That's it, Famine! Botching up Mako-chan's kidnapping I can forgive but conspiring to kill me with the crazed killer who knows what I did last fanfic is where I draw the line at being civil!!"
        [Chaos pulls out a cellular phone and dials a number!]
        Chaos: "Come on, pick up! Ah, moshi moshi! Beans? Chaos here. Ya gotta hide me! The crazed killer who knows what I did last fanfic is back and now he's coming after me! I'm desperate! I'll do anything! I'll clean out your aquarium tank after I bring the lake god back to my place!"
        [Chaos shrieks as a terrified octopus flies out from the receive and clamps onto his head!]
        Chaos: [shouting into phone!] "That's it, Beans! Now I'm definitely going to write that Riding Beans Chaosfic for certain now!!"
        [Chaos looks back to the doorway as a shadow appears beneath the door. The knob jiggles forcibly, and then a loud, dull pounding ensues.]
        Chaos: [with umbrella!] "KYAAAAAAA!!! He's coming for me!! The crazed killer's here? Is this the end of the Fanboys! as we know it?"

[To Be Continued...]

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