> By now Lord Chaos and Underlord in training, in training Famine were sitting on the dining room table. Famine got rid of the Crazed Killer garb and both combatant's weapons were put away. Famine took the mallet and threw it to the ground, revealing his perfectly intact right hand.
        >Famine: Oh man Chaos, you should have seen your face when you found
        >Havoc, Mayhem and Pesti-chan dead. That was a riot. Hey Cameraman Dan,
        >do you got it on tape?
        > Cameraman Dan gives the thumbs up.

        Chaos: [teary Bambi eyes!] "Et tu, Cameraman Dan? Et tu?"
        Cameraman Dan: [shrug!] "The pay was good, and I haven't had a cameo since the Weekend At Beans' Omakefic."

        >Chaos: Na ni? How could you kill them. How could you kill Pesti-chan. I thought he was a best friend to you?
        >Famine: He is and always will be.

        [Carnage smacks Chaos upside the back of the head with the Zanba sword!]
        Carnage: "Sit down, shut up and enjoy the fic! Geez, you don't hear me screaming all my lines out at the top of my lungs."
        Chaos: [rubbing his large bump on the head] "Just wait until someone does a revengefic and slasherfic on you."
        Carnage: "Oho, so someone out there's tempting fate, are they? Well try writing this: MEGA BRAND!!!!!"
        Chaos: [groan!] "No again...!!"
        [Carnage Mega Brands the slasherfic!!]

        >Chaos: You mean he was and used to be.
        >Famine: Poor, poor, unintelligent Chaos. From our one encounter when you came to my dimension what did you find out about me?
        >Chaos: You were good guy who used plastic lawn flamingos and parachuting cows for smiting techniques and you have a younger sister. You like to make Pesti-chan's life fun and very strange and interesting--usually by embarrassing yourself and Pesti-chan in the process. You also have sad jokes and sayings and you the odd time, play bad pranks.

        [The smoke and falling debris finally clears up from the slasherfic!]
        Chaos: [cough cough!! Ack!] "Carnage, we have really got to talk about when to use your Slayers spells."
        Carnage: "Ah...I feel better! So, tea anyone?"
        [Chaos facevaults!]

        >Famine: Ta da.
        >Chaos: What, this is a prank?

        [Carnage whacks Chaos with the Zanba blade again!]
        Carnage: [sigh!] "Go try on one of Setsuna's dresses or something, will you?!"

        >Famine: And a very good one at that. From your confused expression on your face I can tell you need an explanation so here goes. In my dimension it is summer and it is kind of boring in Bridgenorth. So I decided to pull a little scary prank on you.
        >Chaos: Why me?

        Carnage: "Why not?"
        Chaos: [groan!] "The story of my life."

        >Famine: I've done enough to torment Pesti-chan and besides, everybody loves to torment you. I needed to jump on the bandwagon with this.

        Chaos: [sarcasm!] "Gee, thanks, Famine. I'm flattered, really I am."
        Carnage: "I'd say you're more flattened than flattered."
        Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "Just WHOSE side are you on anyways, Carange?"
        Carnage: [confused] "Sides? We're supposed to be taking sides when it comes to smiting?"

        >Chaos: Then what happened to Havoc, Mayhem and Pesti-chan?
        >Famine: To start with, let me assure you that they are all alive and well.
        > All the people who were holding a party because Havoc was dead (because they were so happy) pulled up anything they could grab to kill Havoc themselves. The news that Mayhem was alive added more pain to Charon's life and hangover. And all are happy that Pesti-chan is still alive.

        Chaos: "And there was much rejoicing."
        All: Yea."

        >Famine: This is how it works. First I got here using my Vortex to Inter-Dimensional Anime Worlds. Then I sent the e-mail to you guys to bring you here to the mansion. I rigged on the mallet a special ability. I honestly hit Havoc, Mayhem and Pesti-chan with it and it beamed them to the control room in the attic of this mansion, explaining to them as they got there what was going on. They completely went along with it and are right now watching you and me talk with secret cameras around. Then I left behind fake dummies who look exactly like them. Those dummies looked good didn't they?

        Carnage: "Sugoi! Now that's what I call an intricate plan!"
        Chaos: [eye roll!] "This coming from the guy who'd just as soon stomp on you with a Gundam mecha."
        [Carnage pulls out a Nadesico Aestivalis and stomps Chaos with it!]
        Carnage: "Hush!"

        >Chaos: So Havoc, Mayhem and Chaos are still alive.
        >Famine: Well you know the saying: You can't keep a Fanboy down!

        Carnage: "You guys are all so resiliently kawaii that way!"
        Chaos: [pulling himself out from the treads of the Aestevalis!] "When I get out of my bodycast, I'm seriously going to hurt our author for making us read this shasherfic."

        > The front doorbell rang and Chaos went to answer it. He opened up to find his friends standing there.

        [Cue Mayhem, Pesti-chan & Havoc!!]
        All: "Ohayo!"
        Chaos: [Bambi eyes!] "Minna! You're all alive! Waaaahhh!! I thought you were dead!!"
        [The teary blubbery waterworks fly as Chaos leaps onto Mayhem's arms. Mayhem goes Jusenkyo from all the water.]
        Chaos: [^-^ Tee hee!] "Oops! Gomen nasai, Mayhem!"
        [An unimpressed newt taps its foot at Chaos.]
        Pesti: "Sorry to play a part in the prank, but we just had to, you know. Contractual obligations and all."
        Havoc: "And to celebrate our triumphant return to the Fanboys! series, Jello for everybody!!"
        All: "SHADDUP HAVOC!!"

        >Havoc: Hello Chaos. I believe these panties belong to you.
        >Chaos: Hey, how did you get them?
        >Mayhem: I'm baack. HA Lord Charon. I'm alive and kicking' Bring on Ami-chan

        [Mayhem pulls out a Lord Charon plushie!]
        Mayhem: "Lalala...ne, Carnage, mind if I borrow your Zanba blade for a minute?"

        >Chaos: Sorry about that whole flush you down the toilet thing.
        >Mayhem: Don't worry, that was how we were going to bury you if you died.
        >Chaos: Thanks a lot newt boy.
        >Pesti: Ah my Lordship Chaos, teach me the way of the smite.
        >Chaos: No problem if you just leave my Mako-chan alone.
        >Pesti: *Who's* Mako-chan?

        Chaos: "Well she would have been *my* Mako-chan had you just stayed dead, Pesti-chan!!"
        Pesti: "*YOUR* Mako-chan, Chaos?!"

        >(cue the fighting)

        [Enter Famine!]
        Famine: "Sorry I'm late, and...yare yare. They're at it *again*?!"
        Mayhem: "Hai! Popcorn, Famine?"
        [Carnage, Famine & Mayhem watch Pesti-chan & Chaos hold a mallet jousting match!]
        Chaos: "Prepare for Pan-Dimensional Mallet-Fu, Pesti-chan!"
        Pesti: "Ha! My one-handed pan-dimensional mallet smiting is better than your mallet-smiting, Chaos!"
        Carnage: [sigh!] "Can't we all just get along? FIREBALL!!"
        Chaos & Pesti: o.O

        >Famine: Isn't this great. The Fanboys live and their legacy shall continue for a long time.

        Mayhem: "None of our fanfics will continue if you keep bankrupting our budget with your mass destruction, Carnage. Half the special effects crew's keeled over from heart attacks after seeing what you require for your scenes in F6! part II."

        > Mayhem, Havoc, Famine, Pesti-chan and Chaos (who stopped fighting) made their way into the dining room where Famine pulled a hidden cooler out of a panel in the wall. And of course, in the cooler was full of hard lemonade and also a few bottles of iced tea.

        Chaos: "Famine, you fool! If you had brought Hard Lemonade I would have forgiven you, but what the hell is this?!"

        >Chaos: How can you drink "iced tea"? Where is the alcoholic zing to it?
        >Famine: Well this is where I have you fooled. This is Mike's Hard Iced Tea. The best of both worlds.

        Fanboys: "Yo!"
        Chaos: 'Hey! That was my Hard Iced Tea, Carnage! Mine, I tell you! MINE!!"
        Carnage: "LAGUNA BLAST!!!!!!!"
        [Chaos is smited with a Slayers Laguna Blast attack!!]
        Chaos: [coughs up a kawaii li'l smoke cloud!] "You win...!"

        > The bottles clink together and after the first bottles were downed there was a knock at the door.

        [The fanboys look around as someone knocks on what's left of the door thanks to Carnage's entrance.]
        Famine: "Oh, I hope you don't mind but I invited a few friends over."
        Pesti: [suspicious!] "Define 'a few friends', Famine."

        >Famine: Well, since this is my mansion in your dimension, I guess I should answer that.
        > Famine went to the door and opened it. There standing on the porch was a person in a trench coat and hat. You couldn't tell if the figure was male or female. And he/she was missing her/his right hand. In its place was a pan dimensional Anime mallet. Famine took one look at the character and then shut the door politely on him/her. He then set the door so that it wouldn't open like before and he calmly walked into the dining room where the four Fanboys were waiting to find out who it was.

        All: o.O
        Mayhem: "Okay, who invited the deranged smite-happy psycopath?"
        Carnage: "Hey!"
        Mayhem: "Not you, Carnage. The other deranged smite-happy psychopath."
        Chaos: [consulting list] "Unless his name's Martina, he's not on the cameo list."
        Havoc: "Maybe he came for the Jello!"
        [Chaos boots Havoc out of the slasherfic!]
        Chaos: "HENTAI!!"
        Distant voice of Havoc: "That's Hentenno-sama to you, girlie-boy!!"

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