>Famine: (In a very thick Russian accent) Stool!
        >Fanboys: Stool?

        Carnage: "Now just what the hell was that supposed to mean?"
        Mayhem: "Are you absolutely sure you want to find out?"

        > From the foyer they could hear the front door smash open under tremendous force.
        >Chaos: Hopefully that guy can pay for that. So who is it?
        >Famine: I don't know his or her real name but it appears that The Crazed Killer Who Knows What We Did Last Fanfic has broken through my front door and is heading for us.

        Carnage: "I've got this one covered, guys. [Ahem!] DRAGU--!!"
        Pesti: "Aiya!"
        Mayhem: [halting the spell] "Down, Carnage. Let's not abruptly end the slasherfic now."
        Carnage: [sulking] "Oh, what's the fun in that if I can't blow something up first?"
        Chaos: "You've blown our place up at least five times already, Carnage! And me with it!!!"

        >(cue the Crazed Killer to walk in through the dining room door)
        >Mayhem: Wow Famine. That really looks like the Crazed Killer. Who'd you hire to dress up?
        >Famine: To answer you honestly, I didn't hire somebody.
        >Chaos: So then that makes him the real Crazed Killer. oh KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

        Chaos: [frantic SD mode!] "HE'S GONNA SMITE ME!!!!!!"
        Carnage: "If he keeps speaking in caps lock, I'm going to have to deprive this crazed killer of that pleasure."
        Pesti & Famine: [sigh!] "Hai hai."
        >Pesti: Its probably somebody else. Remember, Anarchy got you the last time with the same get up.
        >Famine: Except that the only people who knows that you guys are here are you four and me.

        Chaos: "KYAAAAAAA!!! TASUKETEEEEE!!!"
        [Chaos leaps in behind Mayhem!]
        Chaos: "Mayhem, hide me quick!"
        Mayhem: "Excuse me, but do I know you?"

        >Pesti: Smarten up Chaos. It's probably Anarchy dressed up.
        > The Crazed Killer who was confused right now sat down in a corner.
        >When Pesti-chan mentioned Anarchy, she came in with Rampage on one arm and Tasuki on the other.

        Pesti: "Okay, so we've bought ourselves some time. What should we do to keep the crazed killer occupied so we can end this slasherfic before he notices?"
        Havoc: "How about a Dojifest!!"
        Chaos: "ARE YOU INSANE HAVOC?!?!"
        Famine: "I think that was implied with his first appearance."

        >Anarchy: Hey bro. what's up?
        >Rampage: ^-^ CHU! CHU!

        [Cue the exploding front wall!]
        Anarchy: "Hail! We're back from hunting the Great White Mokona!!"
        Pesti: "What happened?"
        Tasuki: [grrr!] "That Mokonanoke Hime girl got in the way again! And just when I was ready to fry the little Puuing marshmellow too!!"
        Famine: "Strange. Usually in your fanfics Rampage has latched herself onto Chaos by now."
        Rampage ^-^ "CHU CHU!!!"
        Mayhem: "You were saying, Famine?"
        Famine: [happy smile!] "There we go!"

        >Tasuki: Nice place. Who lives here?
        >Famine: This is my cottage/mansion in the middle of nowhere in your strange dimension. I just got it recently.
        >Tasuki: I like it. And this is great because look what we brought:! Sake and karaoke for a house warming present!

        Chaos: "No! I don't wanna suffer through another drunken butchering of City Hunter's Get Tough song!!"
        Anarchy: [glare!] "Shin'ne."
        [Cue the AT Field!!]

        >Chaos: groan!
        >Anarchy's fingers: snap!
        >Anarchy's AT Field: SLAM!!
        >Chaos: SMACK!

        Pesti: "Nice sound effects, Famine."
        Famine: "Thank you! Junior Mints, Pesti-chan?"

        >Chaos in air: KYAAAAA!!!!

        Carnage: "Going going going...!"

        >Chaos hitting the wall: slam, skreeeeeee, wump, ow.

        Mayhem: "Oh yeah, he's gone."
        Chaos: "Itaiiii!!!"
        Famine: "I give him a 8.3 on form."
        Carnage: [sigh!] "That was beautiful Anarchy-chan!"
        Anarchy: "I'm still not dating you, Carnage. Tasuki here's my drinking buddy!!"
        Tasuki: [grin!] "Hai!"
        Carnage: [teary Bambi eyes!] "You're so cruel, Anarchy-chan!!"

        >Pesti: Ok, if its not Anarchy, Tasuki or even Rampage then it must be one of the Sailor Senshi.
        >Famine: You mean Rei or Minako or Usagi?
        >Mayhem: (with a stupid voice and hearts in his eyes) Or Ami?
        >Chaos: (with a stupid voice and hearts in his eyes) Or Mako-chan?

        [Cue the inner Senshi walking through the large holes in the wall!]
        Usagi: "Sugoi! Are they renovating the apartment!"
        Rei: 'Baka Usagi! If there's *this* much damage to the apartment--!"
        Minako: "-it can only mean one thing!"
        Rei & Usagi: [heart-shaped eyes!] "Carnage-chan's here!"
        Carnage: o.O "Am I just being given a Tenchi Masaki disorder here or what?"

        > And with that the five senshi above named walked in. Each carrying an item for a party.

        Havoc: "Hotcha! Let the babefest begin! Mako-chan, baby, let's go fill up the tub with jello again!"
        [Havoc leaps for Mako-chan's bosoms!]
        Mako-chan: [hammering Havoc into the floor!] "HENTAI!!"

        >Mayhem: Let me help you carry that plate of veggies and dip.
        >Ami: Thank you lover. (and Ami patted Mayhem's cheek)

        Ami: "Ne, Mayhem-chan, would you like to join me in that tub of jello?"
        Mayhem: o.O

        >(cue Mayhem spontaneously combusting and dropping the veggies and dip on the floor. Cue Rampage eating the veggies and dip)

        Rampage: ^-^ "BUUUURRRPP!!!"
        Famine: [sugoi!] "Aiya! That mascot really is a black hole with a tongue!"
        Rei: "Was that ever in any doubt? She's like Usagi...only a lot cuter."
        Usagi & Minako: [rubbing Rampage's tummy] "Ah! Kawaii!!"
        Rampage: ^-^ [happily thumping her tail!] "CHU CHU!!"

        >Chaos: Allow me to help you with that plate of cookies Mako-chan. Hey, these cookies are warm and soft. I just want to bite into one right now.

        Carnage: "Is this his infamous Makoto-groping disorder?"
        Mayhem: "Hai. You might want to duck, Carnage."

        >Mako-chan: Echi!
        >Mako-chan's foot:: BOOT!
        >Chaos: KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

        [Carnage hoists up his Zanba sword and swats Chaos back across the apartment!]
        Chaos: [Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying SD dragqueen!] "TASUKETEEEEEE!!!!!"

        > The Crazed Killer watches his target go flying in the air and back down again. Chaos prepares for what will ensue.
        >Pesti: You groped Mako-chan again.
        >Chaos: Please don't use cabbages. They're getting old.
        >Pesti: (with a wicked grin on his face) Ok Chaos, no cabbages.
        > Chaos sits there helplessly as coleslaw rains down upon him.

        Carnage: [sigh!] "We really need to advance your smite training, Pesti-chan. That's just so amateurish."
        Mayhem: "Excuse me, Carnage, but just one of you Dragu Slaving the fanfics is bad enough."

        >Chaos: That's disgusting.
        >Mayhem: (who's regained his composure by now) Well if it isn't one of the inner senshi, maybe its one of the outer senshi.

        [Cue the warbled remains of the doorbell!]
        Famine: "I'll get it!"
        Chaos: [bug-eyed SD mode!] "Noooo!!! Not the Outer Senshi!!!"

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