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Slayers Specials

Kawaii Lina! Kawaii Naga...be afraid.

Rating: 4 Rampages

The OVA series chronicling the adventures of Lina and Naga. Same silliness, same great art, and same wonderful music. Even more warped and silly than the TV series, these are very much worth watching over and over, if only to witness the horror/wonder that is Naga.

Slayers Perfect: the Motion Picture

Rating: 4 Rampages

Synopsis: The poster for Slayers Perfect.
Lina and Naga obtain tickets for a tour of the Mipross Island hot springs, courtesy of a set of would-be bandits (and erstwhile Naga employers). They sail to the island and see the sights, but things are not well there: the town seems beset by various thieves and other scoundrels, and worst of all, the celebrated hot springs are revealed (by Naga's delicate nose) to be a fake! Meanwhile, Lina has been having a series of dreams narrated by an insistent old guy about the love of a heroic young boy named Raudy for an elf maiden, Meliroon. This love was cut short by the appearance of a demon, Joylock, who destroyed the elf town and killed Meliroon.
Lina and Naga do their part in cleaning up the town, and deliver the worst of the scoundrels to the king. But the king and, in Lina's dream, the old man (who turns out to be a much older Raudy) want Lina to do more. It seems Joylock has returned and is wreaking new havoc in the northern part of the island, including drying up the source for the famed hot springs (which is why fakery was required). Lina is reluctant, but eventually decides to confront Joylock, only to find him to be far too powerful. It seems she must not only destroy Joylock, but also the legacy of terror he has left on the island…

This was what got me hooked on the Slayers series. I personally adore Naga, she’s way more fun than Gourry, and that laugh…not even Kodachi is THAT maniacal! Great story, the hilarious characters we all love, kick ass animation and an absolutely wonderful ending song. If you like Slayers this is a must see. If you don’t like Slayers, you will after seeing this =)

Slayers Return: Movie 2

Rating: 4 Rampages

Synopsis:The cast of Slayers Return...well, some of it.
The second Slayers feature length film, with outrageous enemies such as secret organizations (apparently) aiming to dominate the world and a mysterious (apparently) strong fighting force attacks Lina and Naga one after another for legendary "treasure" lying in a village in which Elves used to live. In addition, an immortal monster not affected by attacking magic appears and drive Lina and Naga into a terrible pinch. What they should do? And since villains alone do not increase interest, an exciting beautiful heroine [Sarina] appears to threaten the position of the heroine of the two.
Of course, the greatest weapons (!?) of Slayers, goofy gags and attack magic, are indispensable. Lot of magically induced mass destruction. Of course, Naga's meaningless self-assertion and loud laugh are also accelerated in a turbo manner. Lets not forget Lina's Inversely proportional bust......

Ah, Naga, Naga, good ol’ busty, maniacal laughing Naga. Is it me, or does this series just get better and better as it goes on? More goofy than the first movie, this one isn't recommended as an introduction to the Slayers world (very little background info, unlike the first movie) but I guarantee it will have you rolling on the floor laughing for the whole hour. The lovescene between the monster and Naga's golem is quite possibly one of the finest moments in the history of Anime. A true classic.

Slayers Great: Movie 3

Rating: 4 Rampages The cast of Slayers Great

This time around, Lina and Naga travel through a strange town ruled over by two goofy looking barons, who hate each others guts. While travelling through the city, they save a young girl from a rampaging bull golem. They later find out that not only are golems the main export of the town, but that the girl's father is the legendary Galia Einberg, master golem craftsman. Both Lina and Naga are just dying to have him make a golem for them (so they can sell it off at a high price, of course) but he hasn't built a golem in a long time. Instead, he has been fighting with his son, an amateur craftsman who would rather make golems shaped like Venus than the useful and silly looking ones his father makes; until they meet our two heroines, that is. Galia takes one look at Lina and is enthusiastic about building a golem of her, much to Naga's chagrin, but his son is completely enamoured by the busty, manaical laughing sorceress. Both father and son have been commisioned to build a golem for one of the barons, to be pitted against each other in a duel to the death. Though the Barons are planning on using the golems to build an invincible army, the craftsmen, in a battle of their own, have other ideas...

There really is no end to the silliness in this series...now, I can't say much without giving away the big gag of the movie, but this one even beats Slayers Return for sheer wackyness. The whole thing made me think of "anything-goes-martial-arts-golem-building" or something to that effect. And as silly and idiotic as that sounds, it gets even stranger once the actual fight starts...just watching the expressions on the Barons' faces as their "ultimate weapons" stroll onto the battle field is priceless. Not to mention that it has got to be the single silliest duel I've ever seen, anime or otherwise. If this movie doesn't have either your sides splitting with laughter or your jaw plummeting through the floor (or both), you are a corpse. Highly recommended.

Slayers Gorgeous: Movie 4

Rating: 3 Rampages Lina, Naga, Marlene & her Dragon army

As usual, the movie opens with Naga and Lina in a nameless town, stuffing their faces. While discussing their most recent culinary aquisitions, they notice the townspeople vacting the area with great haste. Just as the last person gets indoors, lina and Naga (along with some typically useless guards) are greeted by a young lady in armor riding a red dragon, and laughing manaically. A brief skirmish later, Marlene (the armored, manaically laughing lass) and her Dragon beat a hasty retreat, and Lina is invited to meet the King in the hopes that she might be able to solve their problems. Turns out young Marlene is actually the King's daughter, and happens to be going through a "rebellious phase" ; She want's her allowance raised but her daddy refused, so she's taken to harassing the town with her dragons until he gives in...Meanwhile Naga has followed Marlene to her stronghold, to teach her a thing or two about how to laugh PROPERLY, for a price of course. Once again it's Lina vs. Naga, and Father vs. Daughter in a no-holds-barred, Dragon-fighting, spell-tossing extravaganza!

After all the wait for this one, especially since it looks to be the last we'll be seeing of Slayers, this was a let down. Just about everything in Gorgeous has been done in the previous movies, and done better. The mildly dramatic bits were pretty bland, way too many serious fight scenes for a Slayers story, and the gags were few and far between. Not to mention that we saw the whole "Lina vs. Naga" shtick in Great, and it was a hell of a lot funnier than what we see in Gorgeous. Granted there are some really laugh-out-loud moments (mostly character stuff like Lina's stereotypical over reaction to something stupid) but on the whole, the movie tended to drag, which is not a good thing since it's only an hour long. This was the first time I've had to really force myself to keep my eyes on the screen for a Slayers movie, and that's really unfortunate considering how much fun the rest of the series is. I personally hope that the series sticks around for a little while longer so they can correct the mistakes made here...of course they could also just screw it up even more. *sigh* One can only hope. If you're a diehard Slayers fan you will probably enjoy this a fair amount, otherwise you're better off picking up one of the other movies. Somewhat recommended.

OVAs and the first movie available subbed or dubbed through ADVision. Everything after that is still fansubbed until ADV gets around to releasing it...

Slayers Premium

Rating: 3 Rampages (for fans only) Cover for the DVD

After performing a small task for a fishing village, our faithful heroes Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev get a reward in their favorite form of payment: food. Gourry triumphs over Lina after the usual fight over food and eats a large octopus. Little did he know that this very town has a curse upon it, and who ever eats an octopus is cursed to speak the octopus language for the rest of their lives! There is more to this curse than meets the eye, and Lina and Gourry are definitely in for a hand (and mouth) full.

Herself the Elf sez: Well, if there was any doubt after the last movie that the Slayers franchise should just be put on the shelf for good, this was it. Clocking in at only 30 minutes, I'd hardly call this a 'movie'...it deserved a lot more, especially since they were billing it as the 'first movie with the TV series cast'...something for which the fans have been waiting for years. Since the TV cast is fairly large compared to the usual Lina-Naga duo, they'd have needed a *lot* more time to be able to showcase everybody evenly. As it is, the movie flies by at breakneck speed--you get the haphazard plot, as well as numerous characters (none of which are introduced or given any explanation as to what they're doing there), thrown at you , and then it's over. Some of the 'appearances' of well-known characters are no more than 2-second blink-and-you'll-miss-it fly-bys.

It's not all bad, of course--there are some very cool action scenes and the scant 30 minutes are packed with classic (and hilarious) Slayers gags, but the ending is very abrupt and bizarre. The art style is somewhat different (everybody looks thinner and younger), which is a bit distracting, but the animation quality is very good as one would expect from a movie. The music was also well done but not particularly memorable.

. It was nice to see the TV characters drawn well, and to see them all interact in a new production, but all in all I don't feel it was even worth animating if they were going to do such a half-baked, rushed job of it. Why even do a TV-series-cast 'movie' if it's just going to be a 30-minute short so crammed with characters and story that it's completely incomprehensible? They tried to do too much in too short a time, and it just doesn't work. Die-hard Slayers fans will probably enjoy it anyways, but non-fans should avoid it as they won't know what the hell's going on.

Updated 15-11-02