Sailor Moon R

(Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R)

Rating: 3 Rampages

After the destruction of Queen Beryl and the death of the Sailor Scouts, the Scouts are reborn without their memories. They must meet each other again and face a new enemy: the kingdom of the Dark Moon. But before that, thereís a side story made to waste time while the manga caught up with the TV show, about a pair of space elves who are stealing energy from Earth people to feed their Doom Tree. The space elves things shows up again in the Sailor Moon R movie..sort of. With the arrival of the Dark Moon people, a small girl arrives known only as 'the rabbit' or Chibi-Usa. She manages to hypnotize Usagiís family into thinking sheís their niece and lives with them, much to the annoyment of Usagi. In reality, she is Usagi & Mamoruís daughter from the future when they are King and Queen of Crystal Tokyo. She has been sent back in time by Sailor Pluto to retrieve the Silver Crystal (Guinzoushu) from Usagiís pendant in order to protect Crystal Tokyo. The Dark Moon family is from the same time as Chibi-Usa, and are looking to rule the 30th century Crystal Tokyo by conquering it in the past. The Scouts battle the Dark Moon sisters and their leader, Rubius, and finally defeat Rubius and convince the sisters to become human and live on Earth. But the fight has just begun...

The Alan/Ail sequence at the start is quite painful, but once the Dark Moon Family arrives it all picks up. We really could have done without Chibi-Usa (see Super S if you donít believe me) but the deeper storyline and villains make up for it.

Available fansubbed or dubbed from DIC.