Sailor Moon S

(Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super)

Rating: 3½ Rampages

Arguably the most intense Sailor Moon season to date (it's a toss-up between SMS and Sailorstars). The battle this time is against Professor Tomoe and the Death Busters. Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune make their first appearance in the series, as well as Sailorsaturn (only briefly however). Chibiusa returns from the future as a Senshi in training, Sailor Chibimoon. A series packed with lots of action, slick animation, and lots of drama. A must see! Master Pharaoh 90 is the big purple baddie here.

This is easily the best of the Sailor Moon series’. The story picks up so much more than in previous seasons, and the ending for S is just intense. Theis series wins the award for most ridiculous transformation sequence and attack (Lovely?!?), and the silliest monsters this side of the Pizza Cats. A bit more depth to the scouts, Usagi is slowly but surely starting to grow up, and the introduction of Uranus and Neptune definitely make this worth watching if you are a shoujo fan.

Only available fansubbed.