Sailor Moon Super S

(Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S)

Rating: 2 Rampages

Diana makes her first appearance here. She is the daughter of Artemis and Luna. This time, the fight is against the Dead Moon Circus, and Neherenia, its leader. The Dead Moon Circus is looking to take control of the Pegasus, who hides in peoples' beautiful dreams. They look for him by capturing humans and looking in their heart mirrors, which are in essence, a window to the victim's dream. If the Pegasus is not to be found in the mirror, they move on to another target. Seems harmless, right? Wrong. The Dead Moon Circus plans to kill each victim to decrease the number of dreams the Pegasus can hide in.

Ugh. The whole bloody season we get to see practically nothing but Chibi-Usa. The villains tho are much cooler, love seeing them at their bar discussing their problems - too funny. The new transformation sequence is just ultra lame. You should probably avoid this unless you want the whole SM experience.

Only available fansubbed.