Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings

Rating: 3 Rampages

The four Brothers, from the Manga Synopsis:
The story revolves around the four Ryudo brothers, who live in modern-day Tokyo. They mostly seem like an ordinary family, but they are descended from the legendary Dragon Kings, and are possessed of supernatural powers which are only beginning to emerge. The brothers must learn how to deal with their heritage, while defending themselves against the many enemies who want to use the brothers' powers for their own ends.

One of those shows I see every time I go to rent Anime, I decided one evening to finally check this out. Because it was done in the 80's the production quality isn't fantastic, but it's still pretty well done. The music wasn't particularly special, but the characters were pretty interesting. I'm having trouble remembering it all as it has been a while, I'll expand further when I rent it again and watch some more episodes. For now, it's a pretty cool urban fantasy series, nice animation and story, but nothing particularly special.

The four Brothers, and a friend

Currently only available fansubbed.