Star Sailor Vega's Fanboys! fanficfic!!!

Chaos: "We seem to doing a lot of these fanficfics today, ne?"
Mayhem: "What do you expect? The author wants to clear space for the next season of fanboys! fanfics now that he's finished all four parts of F5!"
Pesti: "You know, I've noticed that Havoc doesn't really show up when we read these fanficfics."
Chaos: "Do you want Havoc to show up while we read these fanficfics?!"
[Cue Havoc!]
Havoc: "Shimatta! Look at this! For the past week I've been trying to steal Cauldina's panties and she keeps making sure I steal only illusions of her panties!! This is getting tiresome! [grin!] I love a challenge! Prepare yourself for Hentenno-sama, Cauldina!!"
[Havoc leaps out of the fanficfic!]
Chaos: [sigh!] "We just smite him down and he just bounces right back."
Anarchy: "It's his character's gimmick. Just like my character gimmick is to do this to you, Chaos!"
[Anarchy snaps her fingers, and the Jurian flagship Tsunami crashes through the ceiling, smiting Chaos!]
Ohayo Fanboys.
All: "Ohayo!"
It's 2am and I'm tired. I wrote this after thinking up the end Minako-esqe quote. Funny how you can write a scene based on a quote. Don't expect this thing some may call a story to be any good. I don't.
Mayhem: "It can't be as bad as your Mononoke Himechan No Ribon Chaosfic, Chaos."
Pesti: "Or your Legend of the Galactic Hiiro Yui Chaosfic."
Chaos: "Hey! What was so bad about those?"
Mayhem: "Would you like a shortlist? If we go for the long one, it'll be next week before we can read this fanficfic."
Chaos: [sulking] "You're just jealous."
Pesti: "If I ever get jealous of his Chaosfics, Mayhem, I give you full permission to smite me with Dark Schneider's Halloween attack."
I'm gonna sleep now. Wake me up when it's over. -_- ...zzz...zzz...
Anarchy: "So...the fanficfic over yet?"
Chaos: "Anarchy! Are you already hammered this early into the fanficfic?!"
Anarchy: [pulls out a keg of sake!] "Not yet!!"
Chaos: [groan!] "Why me?"
Mayhem: "Why not? Scroll fanficfic!"

Rampage's 25th Mascot Devoured Celebration!!!!

Pesti: "Twenty-five?! Sugoi!"
Anarchy: [tickling Rampage] "Ara ara, you've been busy, Rampage-chan!"
Rampage: ^-^ "CHU CHU!!"
Pesti: "I didn't even know there were twenty-five Anime mascots out there to be eaten."
Mayhem: "Well, if there were then leave it to Rampage to end that."
Chaos: [sigh!] "SPCAM's going to have a field day with this."
Yes, despite the efforts of the now almost memberless SPCAM, Rampage has eaten his 25th mascot. The Fanboys were yet again unable to get the senshi to the apartment, but they had a party anyway cause gosh darnit, they're Fanboys!
All: "Hai!"
Mayhem: "I'll bring the Senshi!"
Chaos & Pesti: "I'll bring Mako-chan! No you won't! I will! Stop saying what I'm saying, dammit! No you stop first!!"
Anarchy: "I'll bring the karaoke machine!"
Havoc: "I'll bring the Doji!"
Chaos: [sweatdrop!] "What are you doing back here?"
Havoc: "Curse that Caldina! Another illusionary pair of panties! I like her style!!"
Pesti: "Yare yare."
Chaos: Are we gonna have any music in here or what?
Pesti: Mayhem, you're the Fanboy with the music collection.
Mayhem walked over to his record collection. "Hmm, something to dance to..." he thought to himself as he scanned his huge shelf.

Chaos: "We can use my-KYAAAAAA!!! Alright, who took a bite out of my record of Lodoss War?!"
Pesti: "Need you ask?"
Rampage: ^-^ "CHU CHU!"
Mayhem: "You know, I completely forgot to ask this, but who's the writer of this fanficfic?"
Pesti: "Let's see!"
[Note: Polaris is gonna kill me when she reads this,
Chaos: [really really nasty eyebrow twitch!!] "POLARIS?!?!"
Pesti: "Hoboy."
Mayhem: [consults Email label] "Nope. It's not Polaris. It's one of Star Sailor Polaris' associates, Star Sailor Vega."
[Cue Chaos' oversized balloon face!]
Pesti: "Apparently so. Do you think she and Polaris will start combining their efforts?"
Mayhem: "Either way, the final result will definitely wind up being a large Gentle Uterus coming through the ceiling. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to fetch myself an umbrella."
Chaos: "I refuse to read anything by this Star Sailor Vega!!!"
Pesti: "That's a little harsh, isn't it?"
Chaos: "Hey! Those Gentle Uteruses landing on top of me aren't exactly a pleasant experience! When I get my hands on that Sailor Star Polaris again in her next fanficfic, I'll--!!!"
[Chaos is smited by yet another Gentle Uterus crashing through the ceiling!]
Pesti: [poking the smouldering remains of Chaos] "Let me get this straight: you can say Star Sailor Vega's title right but can't get Star Sailor Polaris' title right to save the universe?"
Mayhem: [toting umbrella and singing] "Oh the smiting outside is frightful, but the fic is so delightful, and since we've no place to go, let it scroll let it scroll let it scroll!"
Chaos: "HUSH, NEWT-BOY!!!"
Anarchy: [toting more sake kegs!] "Yo, are we gonna read this fanficfic or what?"
but I would kill me too if I were her. Don't get me wrong, I love P-chan!!]
Chaos: "Um.. do you think we're going to be the ones who wind up with all the Ryoga flamemails Vega creates?"
Mayhem: "What's this 'we' thing you speak of, Chaos?"
Anarchy: Yep, Rampage ate P-chan today, much to Akane's dissappointment. She was going to smash Rampage with the pan-dimensional mallet, ooooh she was so mad! But she coughed up Ryoga's bandana and she just broke down right there. I apologized and told her that she still has a few pigs in her life, they just aren't as kawaii. But that just made it worse. Even Ranma and the rest of her family couldn't cheer her up. She was still crying when Rampage and I left.
Pesti: That is so sad.

[The fanboys pull out their hankies!]
All : "WAAAAAAH!!!!! Ryoga-kun, come back to us!!!"
[Rampage coughs up Ryoga!!]
Pesti: "KYAAAA!!! I just mopped the floors too!"
Ryoga: "Damn! That was disgusting! Alright, where's that dumb carnivorous super deformed Godzilla thingy?! She is dead when I find her!!"
[Rampage happily squeaks and leaps into Chaos' arms]
Ryoga: [growl!] "So she's your pet!!"
Anarchy: [yep, she's hammered again!] "You go, Chaos! Show P-chan who's boss!!"
Ryoga: "*WHO* is P-chan?!"
Chaos: "Rampage, what are you doing?! Are you trying to get me smited?! Wait, Ryoga, I can explain!!"
Ryoga: "Bakusai Tenketsu!!"
Chaos: [frantic SD form!!] "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!"
[Chaos is smited by Ryoga's Bakusai Tenketsu!!]
Mayhem: "Nice explanation, Chaos!"
Chaos: [cough!] "Oh, hush, Newt-boy."
Pesti: "KYAAA!!! Look what his Bakusai Tenketsu did to the floor!! Chaos, you're cleaning it up this time!!"
Chaos: P-chan?! Really?! But he's so cute. And all he does is snuggle in Akane's breasts! Hey, why couldn't I be my Mako-chan's P-chan!!
Pesti: *Your* Mako-chan!
[Pesti and Chaos attempt to go at it once again in a smiting duel, but just as Chaos is about to call upon the smiting of the falling cow, he finds that Rampage is once again chewing on his arm.]

[Chaos goes bug-eyed upon seeing Rampage chewing on his arm]
[The fanboys watch and SD Chaos race around the apartment]
Pesti: "Sheesh. As if the one in Vega's fanfic wasn't bad enough now we've got two of them screaming in super deformed mode now."
[Anarchy snags Chaos at the karaoke machine!]
Anarchy: "Let's sing some Ranma 1/2! 'Yo poppa! Yo poppa!'"
Chaos: "KYAAAAA!!!!"
Anarchy: Looks like you got saved by the mascot, Pesti.
Pesti: Looks like.

Pesti: "Ha! My cabbages of Mass Destruction can take him anyday!"
Anarchy and Pesti-chan looked on as an SD Chaos raced around the apartment, not damaging anything --yet.
Meanwhile, Mayhem was about to pick up a record entitled "Latin American Tangoes of Passion" when Chaos tripped over an end table and crashed right into an unsuspecting Mayhem and shelf of records. When the dust cleared all that remained of the collection was a huge, quickly diminishing stack of broken vinyl.
Pesti: I didn't know we had an end table there?
Anarchy: Oh, I took it upon myself to re-arrange a few things for better accessibility.

Pesti: "More accessible to smite Chaos with, ne?"
Mayhem: "But of course! What else?"
Chaos: "Why do I have to sing karaoke, Anarchy? Mayhem's the one with the Jusenkyo curse! Use him!"
[Cue the oversized demonic head of Anarchy!]
Anarchy: "SING!!!!"
Chaos: [with maracas!] "Yo poppa! Yo poppa!"
Chaos emerged from the pile 'o vinyl. "Better accessability?! It was in the middle of the freaking room!!"
Anarchy: Well, I needed *somewhere* to set my drink. And by the way, during your romp with Rampage, you knocked it over, the least you could do is get me another one.
"Who invited you anyway?" Chaos shrank back into what was left of the records. Mayhem lay in shock. "My collection...IT'S RUINED!!!" He threw his hands to his face, sobbing.

Havoc: MY HENTAIS, THEY'RE RUINED!!! [yes, even Havoc was distraught.]
Havoc: "Don't worry! After F5! Part IV when my Doji collection was destroyed I've made sure to keep a spare of my entire collection!!"
Mayhem: "Back already from another raid on Cauldina?"
Chaos: "Mayhem don't encourage him!"
Havoc: "Hai! See, I finally managed to catch her off guard and got her panties!!"
[Havoc displays Cauldina's black panties with kawaii little coin designs on them. Suddenly the panties vanish!]
Havoc: "What?! Another fake?!
Pesti: [sweatdrop!] "Yare yare."
Havoc: "Doesn't that girl ever give up?!"
Chaos: "Don't you ever give up, Havoc?"
Mayhem managed to sit up and gawk at the size of Rampage's stomach.
Pesti: Dang! With her around we don't need a vacuum cleaner!
Pesti leapt over the couch and was able to tear the last record from the already stuffed jaws of Rampage. Pesti read the label on the record. "'Germany's Finest Polka'? Why do you have this?"
Mayhem: Old Christmas present I never threw away.

Chaos: "So why does that get spared while my record of Lodoss War get ravaged?!"
Pesti: "Author's conspiracy. You of all fanboys should be used to it by now, Chaos."
Chaos: "Curse that author!"
Pesti put the record on the player, which had not a scratch on it. Tacky polka music filled the apartment.
Chaos: Well, as Minako would say "It takes a party to polka!"
[manga drops for all!]

Mayhem: [sigh!] "I'd just as soon turn on the New Wave Heroine's tango music and dance with Ami-chan."
Ami-chan: [wrapping her arms around Mayhem] "Komban wa, Carrot-chan."
[Mayhem spontaneously combusts!]
Chaos: "It's one thing to want to dance with her, it's another thing to dance with her and not set your tuxedo on fire, Mayhem."
[END OF FANFIC--uh, it--scene thingy story]
Pesti: "Na ni? It's over already?"
Chaos :" Why couldn't Polaris' revengefic have been this short?!"
Pesti: "Chaos, to place an Anime pun here, you getting smited is like an Endless Waltz with large things that fall from the sky. It'll never stop."
Ami-chan: "Ah, Carrot-chan, you're so warm!"
Mayhem: [eyebrow twitch as his face turns red] "Shimatta."
[Yet another spontaneous combustion!!]
Huh? It's over? okay, I can go to my bed now. Good night, Fanboys, you'll be in my dreams again, probably. So I'll see you then. [Vega's head falls down on the keyboard, thus hitting the "n" key] nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn huh? okay, i'm really gonna leave now,
bye, a very tired Marise Amaya (my senshi's name when she's not a senshi)

Chaos: "So long as she's not another Sailor Chaos trying to steal my title of Mass Destruction, I'm happy!!"
Pesti: [sigh!] "Chaos, you're the only one here with Chaos for a title of Mass Destruction! Sailor Chaos' is her title for being a Sailor Senshi!!"
Chaos: [booming voice!] "There can be only one Chaos!!"
[Havoc lands atop Chaos' head. Coin-logo panties rain down from the sky]
Havoc: "But apparently there are hundreds of illusionary Cauldina panties."
Chaos: [sweatdrop!] "Do you mind?!"
Anarchy: [snaps fingers] "Not at all!"
[Chaos is smited by a Valkyrie that falls from the sky for no apparent reason!]
Pesti: "Hoboy. Come on, Chaos, let's dust you off."
Chaos: "Hurting...stop...when?"
Ami-chan: [giggle!] "Aya! Stop squirming, Carrot-chan!"
Chaos: "KYAAA!!! Mayhem, you're setting the blinds on fire!!"
Mayhem: "It's not my fault!"
Anarchy: "Hard Lemonade, Rampage-chan?"
Rampage: ^-^ "CHU CHU!!"
[Cue Havoc bounding across the fanficfic being chasing by Cauldina!]
Havoc: "Hotcha! The real thing!"
Cauldina: "Give those back! I won't let you take them unless you pay me a lot of money for them first! OHO HO HOH OH HOH OH!!"
[Cauldina cackles and spins around. Maximun possibly Gainax Bounce ensues.]
Chaos: o.O "S-sugoi!"
Pesti: "Ne, Chaos, the fanficfic's over and mass hysteria's erupting. What do we do now?"
Chaos: [all serious and extends an arm] "We do the only thing we can do, Pesti-chan. Care to tango?"
Pesti: [stiffens and clasps hands with Chaos] "Why, certainly!"
[Cue the new Wave Heroine's tango music as Chaos & Pesti-chan tango across the living room!]
Mayhem: [sweatdrop!] "Baka baka."
Ami-chan: [lips moving towards Mayhem's face] "Carrot-chan...!"
[Cue Lord Charon wielding his mighty Boomstick!]
Charon: "Prepare to die, Mayhem!"
Chaos: "Lord Charon? What's he doing in someone else's fanficfic?!"
Pesti: "Apparently still gunning for Mayhem."
Mayhem: "That doesn't scare me."
Charon: "Oho? And just why is that?"
Mayhem: "Because of this: cue the ending!"
Charon: "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

[End of the fanficfic!]

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