Steam Detectives

Rating: 1½ Rampages

Narutaki and Ling Ling Synopsis:
One day, a quiet town suddenly gets enveloped in mysterious smoke. There were spurts of steam gushing out from various places, completely covering the entire town in deep disguise. Only coals were being found in this quiet town until now, but something eerie is being discovered. What is it? Within the deep, white smoke arise numerous monsters and phantoms bringing misery and disaster to the people in town. This town is no longer a peaceful place on earth. We call this city "Steam City." A teenage detective (Narutaki) together with a nurse (Ling Ling), a powerful fighter (Goriki), Steward Kawakubo and other detectives fight against the crimes and villains in order to save the town.

The, Phantom Knight

*sigh* I tried to like this show, really I did. I heard how popular it was in Japan, and when I saw some of the designs for the main characters I thought "hey...looks kinda funky and Giant Robo-ish." Sadly, aside from a few of the character designers, this show has NOTHING in common with Giant Robo. The mecha of this show make the toys of Big Fire look like masterpieces of mechanical engineering, and they're not even piloted! All you see are a bunch of freakily drawn villains using a remote control...sorry, but that's just wrong. The other problem is the character designs...while the two mains are at least decent (I still want to know what the hell those huge gold things are on his coat...buttons? Golden eggs? Mustard stains? What?), the other players are so idiotically designed it's painful. Le Bread (what the hell kind of a name is that?) looks like some cheesy Tuxedo Mask ripoff, and the Phantom Knight looks like some freaky version of the Tick, minus the antennae and dressed in black.

Tuxedo Zechs

Now all of this could be ignored if the story was good, but sadly this is not the case. There is no real plot to speak of, the characters are astonishingly boring (Ling Ling is completely useless and very annoying with that squeaky voice of hers), and all in all I was left wondering what the hell they were thinking. Just who were they aiming this show at? Not enough action or silly antics to keep the kids interested, and nothing really happening story-wise kinda kills the adult's a wonder that this got any fans at all. A lackluster musical score round off the reasons we at Fanboys HQ refer to this show as "Steam Defectives." Not at all recommended.

Recently licensed by ADV Films.

Updated 15-10-02