Suikoden: Demon Century

Rating: 3 Rampages Suga in the Rain

Early in the 21st century, Tokyo was destroyed by a devastating earthquake. Without its center of government and industry, Japan has become virtually lawless, its people at war with one another. Amid the crime and decadence which now prevail in Tokyo, Taketeru Suga is searching for his missing sister. What he does not realize is that he is the reincarnation of Soko Kohogi, the leader of 108 Chinese heroes who received the protection of the stars but are fated to return time and again to combat the forces of evil in the "Great Battle." The "Stars" have begun to gather and the fight to rescue Takateru's sister from the gang who has kidnapped his sister is just the beginning.

Yet another example of a show that needs to be continued. I was expecting the worst with this one, but was pleasently surprised by fun characters, a dark and (fairly) interesting story, and good action. The animation is pretty good, but nothing all that new. The music was rather forgettable, but the story itself is pretty good (it's very loosely based off the Chinese Legend of Suikoden). Not exactly great, it's still good fun if you want to kill an hour and you're looking for something new. Recommended.

Available subtitled or dubbed through AdVision.