Sukeban Deka

Rating: 1½ Rampages Saki showing off her magical yo-yo

When Saki left high school, she changed her uniform for prison grays. Now, however, the Feds need someone to infiltrate a ruthless crime syndicate that masquerades as an exclusive high school and they think Saki's the girl for the job. Armed with her top-secret yo-yo of death, Saki is lovely, lethal, and back on the streets.

Saki in action.  Woo hoo. Review:
This was originally a live-action TV show that ran from '85-86 in Japan, Sukeban Deka (literally, Sorority Detective) was apparently popular enough to warrant bringing back the heroine in animated form. Personally, I have no idea why this story was popular in the first place, as it is so painfully contrived. The plot is horribly melodramatic, and the pacing and cuts are even worse. An evil person appears and WHAM! We get a rattlesnake flash across the screen, just in case we didn't notice that this person is evil. *groan* Gimme a break. Attrocious writing, uninspiring art, bland character designs, totally forgettable music, and more melodrama than a victorian poet add up to a pretty pathetic excuse for a two part OVA. Do yourself a favour and pass this one up for just about anything else on the shelves. Not recommended.

Available subbed or dubbed from AD Vision.