Tekkaman Blade II

Rating: 1½ Rampages Oh yeah baby, aren't I sexy?

Tekkaman Blade II is a breathtaking experience with spine tingling action and first class animation that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Ten years have passed since the original series (known as Teknoman in U.S.) and a new breed of Tekkaman face off against the mysterious and powerful Radham. Yumi Francois, a young mechanic, is recruited into the corps of space knights and must conquer her fear and inexperience. In a freak accident, Yumi receives a powerful weapon, the Voltekker Reactor, and becomes the jealous target of Natasha. Meanwhile, Hayato, the pilot, becomes infatuated with Yumi and grows envious of David, the suave playboy. The young warriors must deal with their own demons from the past as they prepare to battle extreme odds with the fate of humanity at stake!

Great, so bellbottoms weren't enough--we need the 70's revival to bleed into the anime world, too. While this sort of thing can be done well, it's usually only when you're making fun of the silliness of those old shows...and then there are the shows like Tekkaman Blade where they actually take themselves seriously. *sigh* I really want to know what they were thinking when they made this, 'cause it makes no sense any way you look at it. They do a 90's version of a 70's anime, but they get rid of all of the old characters that the fans liked and change just about everything...smart move, guys. By OVA standards, the animation is completely bland. Sure it's smoothly animated, but the art itself is pathetic by the standards of anything that come out in the last five years. The music is the usual BGM crap you'd expect in most mid-range OVAs, and the voice acting is nothing special at all. As for the story and characters...the story is exactly the same as the 70's tale (ooh, Earth is threatened by an alien race AGAIN! Guess what, the heroes are the only ones who can do anything against them...WHAT A SURPRISE!) which scores some major negative points against it. As for the characters...we're supposed to believe that this completely inept fluff-headed mechanic becomes the most powerful fighter in the team after only a couple weeks of training? Yeah right. I hated that story hook the first time I saw it, and it gets worse every time I see it..and at this point I'm looking for a flamethrower to excecute this tape with. Total idiots for characters, bad guys that we get no info on at all, a story that requires you to be a fan of the original (or not, as they seem to have thrown out everything but the bad guys) irritating music, laughable attempt at a story, and characters that are so cliched it's painful, make Tekkaman Blade 2 a pretty wortheless package. Hell, it's not even a mecha show; there's no mecha, just a bunch of really stupid-looking power suits with cheesy effects and nude flashes during the transformation sequence. Whee. Ignore it, and move on.

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