Rating: 1 Rampage

Episodes seen: 1-2 of ?

"RU9SU ( Luchs )" was an experiment city made in a vast underground space. But, it becomes decrepit now, and is deserted. The order of this town is kept narrowly by "Orugano", an armed autonomy organization. In this town, people are easily damaged, and die. To replace lost body parts, artificial limbs called "TEXHNOLYZE" with a highly developed interface were invented. Raphia, a scarce material gathered only in RU9SU, enabled this technology. However, this operation is given only to people of a very privileged class. The drawback and benefit is that the texhnolyzed limbs fuse with the body and mind of the host...

Herself the Elf sez: If you're expecting Lain 2, you might be disappointed. Texhnolyze is EVEN WEIRDER than Lain, if that's possible.

On the up side, the art is very nice, with a dark monochromatic feel and realistic style reminiscent of Witch Hunter Robin. The music, by Hajime Mizoguchi, is also moody but interesting.

Those were the high points. On to the rest....Plot? What plot? There's an awful lot of nothing happening in this show so far besides a lot of moody, "deep" scenes of people standing around and brooding. Virtually no dialogue, and what dialogue there is you'd be hard pressed to figure out what the hell they're talking about as there's hardly any context given. I watched this with a bunch of friends, and *everybody* was saying "WTF is going on?". It was pretty much nothing but lots of pretentious artsy shots with clever cutting and splicing to give that "edgy" feel. Long-winded, slow and entirely lacking in any kind of actual meat, this show feels like a student 'art' film. It just goes on and on with NOTHING HAPPENING and feels like it's 3 hours long. The only relief for me was the cool Gackt ending song....

If you're into style over substance, by all means check out Texhnolyze. I'll probably give it a chance to see if it actually goes anywhere, but with that phenomenally slow start I won't be holding my breath.

Available fansubbed.

Created 23-09-03