They Were 11

Rating: 3 Rampages Cover for the video

For ten cadets of the elite Cosmo Academy, the final exam is about to begin. Together, these ten students - aliens and humans - must pass the ultimate test: survive aboard a derelict spacecraft for 53 days - without any outside contact. Completely alone, they will have to depend upon the abilities of their fellow cadets.
Now, adrift in space, they make a startling discovery: they number eleven - one of them does not belong on board! As explosions rock the ship and vital components are sabotaged - the students are flung into a life-or-death situation. Suspicions abound and paranoid accusations run wild as the cadets race against time to expose the identity of the imposter..before he - or she - strikes again.

At first, when I saw the really dated animation and heavily drawn-out intro sequence, I felt like turning it off and taking a nap (or just taking a nap, wouldn't have been all that difficult all things considered). As the movie went on, however, I actually found myself getting fairly drawn into the mystery. They really do make you wonder who the 11th person is. From the way things start out, very atmospheric and suspenseful, you think it's going to turn into one of those cheesy horror films where the crew gets killed off one by one, "each in ways more horrifying than the last!" and crap like that. Trust me folks, this film may drag on several occasions, but it does have plenty of entertaining twists. There was one rather nice high point to the film: the food fight. Totally incongruous given the rest of the film, it's a rather sudden dose of silliness that pretty much made the movie for me. The art really is horribly dated, and the animation leaves a lot to be desired, as does the music. Though the story itself isn't all that predictable, most of the characters are, especially the main two (you should be able to tell who THEY are just by looking at the box). As things get close to a resolution it does get fairly predictable, but it IS a rather old anime after all. As mystery movies go, it's pretty standard, with one really funny food fight. Okay for a rental, but not really worth repeated viewings.

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