Tonde Buurin

Rating: 1½ Rampages Buurin saving a kid from a fire

Tonde Buurin is the story of a girl named Kokubu Karin. She is your usual junior high school student that is incredibly cheerful, friendly, and of course, a klutz.

One day Karin saved a yellow piglet on her way to school. the piglet gave Karin a magical compact that along with a spell ("Ba Bi Bu Be Buurin!"), will transform her into the superheroine Buurin...but instead of some fantastic heroine, Karin turns into Buurin, a fat pink flying pig! It is Buurin's mission to fly around saving people, a la Superman. Karin gets more than her compact, but also a seashell that dispenses pearls. When she collects 108 pearls, she will be able to transform out of her pig-girl form, and into any other magical girl form she wants. But Karin cannot let anyone know about this, or she'd be stuck as Buurin forever. The posing pig

While I was vacationing in Spain last year, I caught a German channel on the resort TV that had this weird German-dubbed anime. I stopped surfing and noticed that it looked vaguely Sailor Moonish...until the main character opened up a compact and turned into something I'd expect Sana to be wearing for a commercial. When my brain finally recovered from the complete freakishness of the whole thing, I decided to track this one down when I got back. Now that I've actually seen it subtitled so I know what's going on, I have to say, I liked it better in German. Just from the few glimpses I got in Spain, I was expecting something more off the wall, more mindlessly silly...Tonde Buurin was just, well, boring. The silly and contrived plot devices were just too silly and contrived even for me (and considering how silly and contrived some of my favourite shows can be, that's saying something). It's obvious they were trying to parody the magical girl genre, but then forgot they were doing a parody and took themselves too seriously with the whole magical girl thing. It's like taking Sailor Moon and putting a pig suit on her for 150's not funny, it's just inane. Try as I might, I just couldn't find any part of this show entertaining. The art was complete mid-90's low budget magical girl stock, the music completely forgettable (except for that hideous ending song "buurin, bu-bu-bu-buurin, ai, ai, BUURIN!" *shudder*), the characters were paper cut-outs, and the comedy was just plain flat. Aside from the intial shock factor of seeing a great big flying pig with a cape, there's really nothing here to hold one's interest for more than a few seconds. I even sat through all four episodes given to me and it never even got as entertaining as watching linoleum peel. A perfect example of a parody gone horribly wrong, Tonde Buurin is a show best left on the shelf.

Only available fansubbed at this time.