Trouble Chocolate

Rating: 2½ Rampages

Episodes seen: 2 of ? Hinano glomping Cacao

Cacao, the main character, has a chocolate addiction and goes crazy with magic spells when he's "drunk on chocolate". One of those times causes him to screw up during his Magic class and he summons a fairy. Her name is Hinano, but it's short for something longer but Cacao shortened it because he was probably too drunk to pronounce her full name. Hinano is a fairy who took the body of a doll in the Magic room, and she's in love with Cacao (of course). Cacao loves her too but it takes him a while to realize that (especially when he sees that another guy is hitting on her). His school is full of a bunch of kooky characters, including a teacher who looks like Frankenstein's monster and another who's a vampire.

Hinano glomping Cacao...again Review:
Herself the Elf sez: This show made NO freakin' sense. The bizarre premise and crack-induced characters left my head spinning.

The intro's cute and appealing, but the show's done in rather cheap CG animation which tends to be choppy and unimpressive. The bizarre look of the show reminded me vaguely of Tenshi ni Narumon, especially with the ultra-bright, brain-frying colours and monsters walking around with silly names (like the vampire called Papaya or the Frankenstein's monster named Big Bang). I'm still wondering what those things on Hinano's hair are--landing gears? Hinano is yet ANOTHER ditzy robot-type heroine, and I didn't find her very appealing. Maybe I'm just sick of the cute-ditzy-robot-girl who throws herself at the hero at every opportunity.

Anyways, it's full of kooky and silly secondary characters, including the aforementioned monster teachers...and a mutant 4-eyed pig on a motorcycle. o.O;;; There's also a parody of your standard sentai show in the SMAT team that fight monster threats. Frankly, since Cacao has no idea what's going on, neither do we, and it's rather confusing. This show was extremely weird and kooky, but not particularly funny. Maybe it picks up later, but after the first ep I was just left with a big "WTF?!"

Available fansubbed.

Created 25-04-02