Magical Twilight

Rating: 2½ Rampages The three witches

Trouble comes in threes, and Tachibana Tsukasa's just received his full allotment! Not only is he about to take his graduation exams for the third time but three apprentice witches have just shown up on his doorstep, all determined to pass their own final exams with Tsukasa as their test subject! Witch number one is Chipple, a student of the White Magic School, whose deceptively simple sounding task is to make Tsukasa like her. That's not so easy when she has to share her test subject with Irene, a sultry siren who is firmly convinced that the way to Tsukasa's heart is a quick refresher course in the perils of the flesh! Then there's Liv, from the Black Magic School, whose final assignment is to murder Tsukasa! Between Irene tying him up, Liv trying to cut him up and Chipple just about to give up, Tsukasa's life has become a living hell. The roof of Tsukasa's house is not the only thing likely to get blown away as mortals and magic users come together in a cataclysmically chaotic climax of uncontrollable conjuring and cohabitation. After all, with full-witchhood at stake, there is not much these magic using minxes will not do to earn an "A", even if making the grade DOES mean laying the unforunate test subject out cold! Contains Nudity, Sex and Adult Situations.

Hentai with Witches...hey, why not? not one of the newer Hentai's out there, as such the sex scenes are more suggestive than graphic. Music and animation are, as expected, quite forgettable, and the characters and story are very typical for the genre, but still pretty funny. Hardly the best out there, but believe me, you can do a LOT worse (see Bondage Queen Kate...on second thought, no. Stay far away.)

Available subtitled through Soft Cel Pictures.