Twin Dolls

Rating: ½ Rampage

They may look like a typical pair of high school girls, but sisters Mai and Ai are anything but normal. Extraordinarily beautiful, masters of half a dozen martial arts and trained since infancy to become professional demon hunters, they are the Twin Dolls! Being a warrior for the forces of good, however, can get you into more trouble than being bad. When a jealous classmate makes an ill-advised oath to beat the Twin Dolls, she is literally possessed by a green eyed monster! A ten foot tall green demon, that is, one with an unhealthy interest in human females! Armed with lance, bow and a pair of magic pussy-willows, Mai, Ai and their allies must defeat this oversexed fiend and his army of sex slaves or die trying! WARNING! Contains Ultra-Graphic Sex, Violence and Nudity.

In two words: it sucks. This was boring even for hentai. How many times can you see a girl being raped by what appears to be a big green cucumber, before retching? The only things worth seeing in this are the perverted little messiah-guy and the penis-waterfall. Might be good for a laugh if you’re really really really bored.

Twin Angels

Rating: 0 Rampages (Zero. Zip. Nada. Not even)

A continuation of the Twin Dolls storyline, this is even crappier than the first one. Not even remotely recommended.

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