Twisted Tales of Tokyo

Rating: -6 Rampages-6 Rampages-6 Rampages-6 Rampages-6 Rampages-6 Rampages (New record folks.) Cover for this crappy video

Four sinful, sexy stories! Wicked Trio is a three part erotic omnibus that peeks into an illicit affair, a fantasy world of lusty creatures, and a steamy S&M love triangle! Then, The Naughty Take a Walk on the Wicked Side...
First, Wicked Trio, a special three-part erotic omnibus, takes a peek at an illicit affair, a fantasy world where some decidedly wild creatures dwell, and a sensualistic S&M love triangle! Contains The Affair, Lust in Space and S'extra Credit.
Then, The Naughty Professor will teach you a lesson you'll never forget! Professor Momone appears to be a model college professor, but beneath her goody-goody facade lies a repressed masochist. And 19-year-old college student Hino knows exactly what she wants...

In the immortal words of Colonel Kurtz, "The horror...The horror." I went to the video store intending to rent a silly hentai show, so I picked up one of the U-Jin movies. It wasn't until I got to Mayhem's house that I realized that the video store guy had given me something entirely different. Figuring "Eh, it's hentai and I haven't seen it. We should have some fun with it..." I popped it into the VCR and started to watch. Now, Bondage Queen Kate (previous holder of the Golden Frag Award) awful and incredibly offensive as it was, was at least decently animated and made some effort to create a plot (such as it was). This unimaginably horrible film made no such effort whatsoever, and the animation budget was probably less than Wake up Aria's (the second of the three stories in the first half is nothing but a bunch of pathetic voiceovers to still cel pictures that make no sense).

Probably the worst part about the show (and the sole source of our amusement/retaining our sanity) was the mind-bogglingly bad dubbing. Now, I know I've said this before with other shows, but this is THE worst dubbing ever. PERIOD. As an actor myself, I can pretty safely say that no hired actor could possibly be this bad. Hell, not even a bunch of kids grabbed off the street for a promise of ten bucks could be this bad. The people sound like they're reading from the teleprompter. One. Word. At. A. Time. Not only that, but in a bloody monotone. The biggest laugh, however, came when one of the ladies on screen (while in the midst of a rather passionless sex act) said (I quote) "Oh, Moan, Moan..." *sigh* Yare I said, no actor could be this inept. My only explanation for this horrible dubbing is that they must have taken the office workers of Anime 18 and stuck them in front of the mic....and that said office workers had all undergone lobotomies.

Not even the second half gave any hope of redemption, where they decided to make one half-hour story instead of three pointless and emotionless smut-fests. Here we get another one of the BQK/Orchid Emblem stories where the strong independent woman just can't possibly resist the wiles of a horny young man...pardon me while I vomit. The music sounded like the sort of background music you hear on all of those badly made fanpages with MIDIs attached. I've already mentioned the pathetic animation and dialogue, and just don't ask about the story cause I don't think even the writers could tell you what the point was. Even the Hentenno was feeling violated by about halfway through the tape, and that takes a lot let me tell you. I think he summed it up best by screaming at the TV, "thanks for the libidoectomy guys!!!"

Suffice it to say, we'll be giving the creators of this trash a piece or two of our minds in a future fic, as spending money on making this trash is just unforgivable, especially since there is no subbed version for sale at all. Absolutely, under no circumstances should this be watched by ANYONE. If you know someone that you'd like to kill in a new and innovative way, try this on them...their head should explode after fifteen minutes.

Available dubbed through Anime 18.