Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Tylor walking in zero-G

Rating: 3½ Rampages

Justy Tylor likes the easy life, and that's why he decided to join the military. After all, where else do you get free food, board, and clothes? Tylor joins up with the United Planets Space Force after a very embarassing situation with the female AI that gives the entrance exams and is assigned to the Benefits and Pension Department. But he doesn't stay there for long -- when terrorists take a retired admiral hostage, Tylor rushes to the scene (to deliver the admiral's pension check!) and becomes a hero. In gratitude, this man of pure luck is assigned as the captain of one of the fleet's destroyers! Meanwhile, Earth and the Raalgon empire have declared war on each other over. The new empress, manipulated by a power-hungry fleet admiral, has ordered mobilizat ion to avenge the death of the emperor, supposedly the result of Earth's actions. So now Tylor finds himself and his strange, misfit crew in the middle of an intergalactic war. Can Tylor's luck save the crew of the Soyokaze? Will the crew mutiny against their lazy captain? Will Tylor wake from his nap?

This came before Martian Sucessor Nadesico, but I personally feel Nadesico pulled it off just a bit better. Regardless, Tylor is one funny show. Just as Desolation wins the award for unluckiest bastard in the universe, Tylor wins the opposite award. It's like he's a god, who just doesn't know it. He starts out as a complete moron, but like Yurika, begins to grow and manages to get things done without always relying on luck. Great characters, nice art, okay music, and insane hijinks make this a great space opera/comedy. And at $20 a tape for three episodes, dirt cheap too!

Available subbed or dubbed through The Right Stuf

The Crew of the Soyokaze having a little party