The Ultimate Teacher

Rating: 4 Rampages

It began as an ordinary day for the students of Emperor High School, the worst high school in Tokyo City. The buildings were crumbling, the teachers were nowhere to be found, and the neighbourhood looked like a demilitarized zone. The students set the rules and no one dared defy them. But then the half-cockroach, half-human Chabane Ganpachi--The Ultimate Teacher, walked into their lives and declared war!
Determined to fulfill his greatest dream of education, the iron-willed yet eccentric Ganpachi hurls every fiber of his being into a diabolical humiliation exercise to prove his superiority over the juvenile delinquents...and the worst blow falls upon the school's cutest gang leader, Hinako Shiratori. The two become instant arch enemies, and their outrageous battle for supremacy proves nothing is sacred in the quest for discipline!
But Ganpachi has more than Hinako to contend with, for a strange scientist is on his trail with more than a few tricks in his purse. Pull on your Lucky Kitty Gym Shorts and get out the bug spray...the battle for Emperor High School will test your sanity and slam into your funny bone with a full body kick!

Twisted, twisted, twisted. This is the most warped piece of animation I have ever seen. Donít watch unless you have a healthy sense of humour and an appreciation for the bizarre. If you have both, youíll be pissing your pants laughing at this insane romp of an anime. If you liked Dragon Half, youíll LOVE The Ultimate Teacher. Best scenes: the ambush in the convenience store, followed closely by the humiliation squad armed in Lucky Kitty Gym Shorts.

Available subtitled from US Manga Corps.