With everyone now very curious as to where Hotaru had disappeared to, and what role Chaos had to play in all this, Senshi and fanboy alike all headed into the wall scroll and checked out Chaos' bedroom. Of course, this was a task easier said than done.
           "Look at this most dishonourable mess!" Riot sighed, glancing around at Chaos' desk. "Chaosfics all over the place. And just look at these titles too! Hanaukyo Yori Dango... Initial MD Geist... Aisha (ClanClan) no Ceres... Maho Tsukai Taisen... (Misato) Kusanagi Orange Road... Jusenkyo Yamato... Vamperion Hunter D?!"
           "Take a look at this," Pesti-chan remarked as he brushed aside some stray articles of clothing off an artist's easel. "Chaos was starting to design new Cosplaying ideas." He glanced at the drawing and located a description next to the sketchwork. "Um... 'Nyo Haruka: a Senshi Cosplaying as Dejiko, nyo.'"
           He froze as he sensed the fiery aura of Haruka flare up behind him.
           "A-Ano...it's not as bad as the sketch beneath it," Pesti- chan offered. "He's created a plushie for something called 'Pikachewbaka the Wookiemon.'"
           "Pikachew-what?!" came Carnage's voice.
           Demolition rolled his eyes and stepped over a pile of Dragon Half manga. "This is just like an episode out of the Twilight Zone of the Dark Master."
           "You don't know the half of it," Dark Mayhem added over his shoulder as he leafed through a pile of sketches on a bedside table. "These are all preliminary drawings for some strange new Marvel/Excel Saga crossover."

Riot: [sweatdrop!] "Dare I ask?"

Ruckus: ^-^ "Oooooh! Dare! Dare!"

Riot: [sigh!] "Hai hai. I shall endorse this exercise in dare-fu. What's the Chaosfic title, Mayhem?"

Dark Mayhem: "X-Menchi."

Riot: -.-;;; [glaring at Ruckus] "I detest you sometimes."

           "Oh yeah, he's put a lot of effort into this one," Dark Mayhem agreed. "Though how much thought was put in is rather debatable. Yare yare... a sketch of a mutant Menchi with adamantium claws... a Menchi with eyebeams... a Menchi morphing into a steel- plated colossus... a Menchi with magnetic powers--fighting Sentinels made to look like Puchuu bears?!"
           "Enough scaring the Senshi and the readers," Carnage snapped as he rounded a bust of Nabeshin. "We're here to look for Chaos, not to find more candidates for the Golden Waffle Awards."
           Pesti-chan sighed and sat down on the edge of Chaos' bed. "At the rate he's going, I think Chaos is a shoe-in for winning every last Golden Waffle."
           Just then, the bedraggled form of Hysteria stormed into Chaos' room. "This crime-chan is so not kawaii and so not forgivable!" she shrieked, glaring at everyone. "Hysteria wasn't finished summoning her kawaii little ass-kicking smite-chan! Kawaii Killer Butter--"
           Suddenly who should come crashing through the ceiling and land on Hysteria, but Havoc!
           Havoc grinned. "Hotcha! Hey, guys, what did I miss?"
           "I think you were right on target, actually," Ami remarked, pointing down at Hysteria's twitching arms amidst the debris and spackle.
           "Chaos and Hotaru have vanished as of earlier this morning," Dark Mayhem replied. "You have any idea on where they went?"
           Havoc shrugged. "Can't say. I was out with the Benkyo Brigade all night in the Pervmobile. We wound up drag racing against Akio and whupped his Akiocar pretty good with our cataperv too. Then, as far as I can recall, I spent the morning stealing panties from the Jyuban High girl's locker rooms before Carnage splooted me in the Chemistry lab."
           "You started it!" Carnage exclaimed indignantly.
           "So nothing from the uber-perv then," Dark Mayhem said. "That means as of going to bed last night, no one's seen Chaos or Hotaru. Chaos disappearing without warning, I can understand. Angry mobs of otaku reading his fics carry him off regularly. It's Hotaru vanishing without telling anyone that worries me."
           Minako sat herself down on the floor. "Ano...they are couple, aren't they? And their relationship has always been frowned upon by almost everyone. You don't think they snuck out last night and eloped, do you?"
           Everyone gaped.
           Haruka especially was aghast at the thought.
           "Maybe it's nothing as bad as that," Havoc offered. "Maybe they just snuck off to a Love Hotel for some wild, impersonal sex."
           "NA NI?!" chorused Haruka and Michiru.
           "Somehow I don't think that's the lesser of the two evils in their minds, Havoc," Riot muttered aside to Havoc.
           Ruckus shrugged and sauntered elsewhere. "Hey, I'd go for some wild, impersonal sex with Chaos-cutie any night."

Pesti: >.< "Too much information!!"

Usagi: [blink blink!] "You know, this is suddenly explaining why Mamo-chan and Fiore are always sneaking off together at night!"

Fanboys: "......"

           With a very disturbing glimmer in her eyes, Haruka turned and headed for the door. "Haruka-san, where are you going?" Ami called out after her.
           "I'm going to find out where Chaos has taken Hotaru," Haruka said simply. "Then I shall find a shovel, a nice patch of land in my backyard and an alibi."
           Michiru flashed her partner a dry smirk as she brushed past Haruka. "I can help with the latter one, love."
           "Hey, if you two are going, we are too," Carnage added.
           One of Michiru's eyebrows went up.
           "We fanboys have never had the chance to be seriously self- gratuitous, even though we're avatars," Dark Mayhem said. "If a dolt like Chaos is about to have one, then we want in on his butt- kicking."
           "Yare yare," Haruka muttered, shaking her head. "We don't have time to stand her arguing like this. All right, you can tag along with us. But we get first dibs on smiting him."
           "Ha! You wish," Demolition laughed. "We deserve first dibs more than you."

Michiru: [looking around] "Did someone just say something?"

Demolition: -.-;; "Riot, care to repeat what I just said for those impaired by an Invisible Boyfriend Syndrome."

           Riot reiterated Demolition's challenge, and the Outers especially contested it. "He's with our Hime-chan," Haruka stated matter-of-factly as they prepared to walk out from the wall scroll. "He's the elder; he's responsible for her. We're Hotaru's guardians, so if anything is happening or is going to happen, we are entitled to Chaos' first ass-kicking. Simple as that."
           "Oh, and the fact that we've had to put up for three seasons of fics with his idiotic delusions of grandeur while suffering the same inability to be self-gratuitous doesn't count for anything either?" Carnage said.
           Setsuna's eyes narrowed. "Care to put your money where your mech is?"
           Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna, with cold looks on their faces, squared off against Dark Mayhem, Carnage, Riot and Demolition. Then they all raised their fists and began to shake them in unison.

All: "Jan Ken Pon!"

*           *           *

           The second time Chaos woke, he was feeling a little more lucid. So lucid that he immediately shot to his feet, ran to the door, and took off, putting as much distance between himself and the cabin as possible in order to avoid the wrath of half the cast.
           At least, theoretically that's what he did. It's hard to leap to your feet when 105 pounds of young woman is sitting on your stomach. So all Chaos did was manage to dump the startled Hotaru from him and towards the floor.
           Chaos had countless fics of finely-honed survival instincts working for him, though, and quickly reached out and yanked Hotaru back towards him, pulling them both onto the centre of the bed. He ended up staring up at an out of breath Hotaru, their faces almost touching, a faint blush on both their cheeks.
           Hotaru smiled again. "And here I thought I was going to have to be the aggressor."
           Chaos quickly shot out from under Hotaru, going back to his original plan before he ended up doing something really stupid. He leapt to his feet, ran over to the door, and ripped his arm from his socket trying to open it.
           "It opens out," Hotaru called from the bed.
           Chaos turned back to her. "Domo!" he said cheerfully before pushing on the door. This succeeded in pushing his arm back into position, but didn't move the door one millimetre.
           "Oh, and there's about 20 feet of snow blocking all the doors and windows."
           Chaos nodded once more. "Much obliged," he said again, and quickly headed for the fireplace, clearly intending to climb up the chimney.
           "Chaos, STOP!" Hotaru shouted.
           He froze in mid-step, slowly gazing over at her once more.
           She gestured over towards the sofa near the fire. "Sit!"
           Faster than she thought possible, he was sitting on the couch, albeit stiffly. She walked over and sat down on the other side.
           She stared at him again. He really should be used to it after all these months, but he wasn't. Not only did it give him the heebie-jeebies wondering what was going on inside her head, it also made him feel really nice.
           She said, "Haruka's not here."
           Chaos laughed at that. "Oh no, not *yet*. She's out there somewhere, though. Waiting to eviscerate me if--"
           Hotaru reached out a hand, this time merely as a gesture of compassion. "*No*, Chaos. She isn't. My parents don't know where we are. None of the Fanboys do. The only ones who could possibly find us are Anarchy, who I paid a large amount of alcohol to so she wouldn't, and Puu, who's currently being taken care of by some friends of mine."
           Chaos was still shaking his head. "No, no, you underestimate them, Hotaru. They'll find us, and then comes the pain. Lots of pain. If we're anywhere in the world, they'll find us...with pain!!"
           Hotaru smiled. "But we aren't anywhere in the world." And then she held up the remote control of the gods.
           Chaos searched for something else to say, but he'd temporarily run out of denials. His mind tried a few more moods on for size, and finally settled on curiosity. "How... why... who... Yang Wen-li... where?"
           "Which do you want first?" she smiled. She moved closer to him on the couch, a little more confident that he wouldn't try to wriggle away. "Let's start with where. We're in a small cabin somewhere in a small country somewhere in a small, out-of-the-way universe that isn't based on any anime. The cabin is currently, as I said, buried. We have food, water, and facilities though, and I've arranged pickup by a discreet friend in a few days."
           She was now stroking his hand solicitously. She really hated seeing him so tense, especially when things really were safe. She tried to ease his mind more. "I was contacted a week ago by this friend...she'd noticed my dilemma and wanted to help me. Her organisation is probably better equipped to deal with Puu than anyone else, without actually seriously hurting anyone. As for how, she brought us here. As it's not an Anime world, it *can't* be accessed with the remote. I just brought that to throw the others off our trail."
           "Wow, a wholly non-Anime scene in an Anime-based fanfic," Chaos said. "I didn't even know they existed!" He was impressed. He didn't know who these miraculous all-powerful friends of Hotaru were--

His lordship Chaos: [slowly turning to Gaffney] "I wonder...."

Gaffney: ^^v "Well, in a roundabout way, yes, but there's more to it. Just keep your pantyhose on and all shall be revealed...(o.O;) On second thought, take the pantyhose off first. You're scaring me."

           --but he admitted that as far as kidnappings go, this one seemed very well planned out. He decided it might even be safe enough to meet her eyes. "So that just leaves why."
           Her smile vanished, and Chaos felt his heart break for a moment. He hated to see Hotaru upset, no matter how much it might hurt him later on.
           After a few moments, she spoke again. "I've been thinking about this for a while now...ever since I got back."
           Chaos frowned again. He'd wondered if this was related to that whole Christmas party incident. At the time she had seemed a bit shaken, but when everyone asked her about it, she insisted she was fine.
           "You said you were all right," he added now, a little weakly.
           "I lied," she shrugged.
           "But...I mean, why? We could have done something...."
           Hotaru snapped back at him, making him jump a little. "That's the whole point, none of you could have done *anything*."
           After a few moments, her face softened. "I can never resist your puppy-dog face, Chaos, cut it out. It's not your fault."
           Chaos shook his head. "Now you've confused me."
           Hotaru sighed. "Then let me tell you what happened to me that day. At first I wasn't worried at all. All that seemed to have happened was I got sent forward in time a bit. I knew that if you guys didn't realise it, Puu would save me, so I just sat back and acted normal."
           She shuddered, making Chaos twitch. "But it wasn't normal...."

           [Cue the flashforward!]

           "Ooooh, I caught me another bishie! Ohayo, Chaos-cutie!"
           Chaos scowled and tried to wriggle free of the few dozen shuriken darts that were pinning him to the tree. "Ruckus, will you cut that out!!" he exclaimed, launching into a tirade and SD mode. However, he didn't quite expect that in going chibified, he'd pop free of all the darts.
           Ruckus winced as the SD Chaos promptly faceplanted on the ground. "That looked like it hurt." He grinned and then grappled onto the shoulder of her--er, his ninja uniform and effortlessly tore it off.
           Chaos' swirly-lined eyes suddenly bugged out upon seeing Ruckus now dressed in the Ogenki Clinic nurse's uniform. "N-N-N-Na ni?!" he exclaimed.
           "I get to be your candystripper while you recover in the hospital," Ruckus giggled, blowing Chaos a kiss. Unfortunately, said kiss also happened to blow Chaos away too. But lucky for Chaos, a nearby car happened to break his fall, amongst other parts of his body.
           Ruckus snapped his fingers. "Oh, I'd forgotten about that knockout powder in my hand."
           "Ruckus, just what in the most dishonourable nine rings of hell are you doing?" Riot sighed as he strolled into the clearing. "We're here to improve our anything-goes martial arts combat-fu, not chase boys around. Especially that latter part."
           "Aw, but this is training," Ruckus said with a playful wink. "You wouldn't believe how much Chaos-cutie here puts up a fight when I try to strip him."
           "There is nothing in the most honourable bushido about stripping your opponents naked, no matter how cute they are!!" Riot exclaimed, launching into an irate SD samurai mode.
           Suddenly Ruckus' eyes narrowed and he whirled, glaring at the surrounding bushes. "Someone's here!" he stated.
           A tremendous flash of light exploded into the park, followed by a bizarre razor blade-shaped fireball that tore through the foliage.

Chaos: [heroically leaping behind a park bench!] "Kyaaaa! Lina Inverse is on a rampage!"

Rampage: ^-^ "CHU CHU!"

Chaos: "I wasn't talking about you, Ram--(o.O;;) KYAAAA!!! SHE'S TRYING TO EAT ME!!"

           Riot and Ruckus easily dodged the attack as it carved a burnt gouge in the ground. "Ah, anything-goes martial arts flambe-fu, is it?" Riot mused as he side-stepped the attack. "A most dishonourable type of challenge, but I accept it anyway. And I should warn you, I'll fire aimlessly if you don't come out."
           Ruckus was now hanging upside-down off a tree branch, dangling next to Riot's head. "That's no way to attack such a cute bishounen ai like me," he huffed. "I'm going to kick their asses for that. But if it's a cute guy, I'll just spank it instead!"
           "Ruckus you ruined the most honourable samurai ambience-fu I was establishing," Riot groaned. He abruptly stiffened, and then drew out what he presumed to be a naginata from inside his sleeves. "So, they think they can sneak up behind us, do they?" he said, brandishing his albatross.
           Another explosion of light came from behind, and this time Riot and Ruckus had to more hastily dodge the razor bladed fireball that tore between them.
           "They're getting faster!" Ruckus exclaimed, handspringing across the clearing and landing on top of the park bench. He glanced down at Chaos, who was cleverly disguising himself as Rampage's afternoon snack in order to avoid getting attacked.

Chaos: o.O; [with only his head sticking out of Rampage's mouth] "A little help here?"

           Ruckus shook his head as he twirled a shuriken in his hands, idly watching Riot challenge the fireball to an anything-goes smite-fu contest. The albatross in particular didn't seem enthusiastic about the smiting part.
           "I'll never understand those samurai types," Ruckus sighed. "Why openly challenge someone when you can sneak up from behind and give them a wedgie?"
           Suddenly a second burst of light flashed across the park. Chaos, who was still busy trying not to get swallowed whole by Rampage, looked up just in time to see a second fireball smash into Ruckus' back. Ruckus' entire body jerked forward as the fireball went right through him. As the razor-bladed sphere emerged through the front of Ruckus' ribcage, the bishounen ai collapsed.
           Chaos frantically scrambled out of the way as Ruckus landed on the grass. But upon hitting the ground, Ruckus just lay there motionless.
           "Ano...daijobu?" Chaos ventured.
           But he got no response.
           Ruckus' eyes were glazed over.
           And then he started to disappear.
           Chaos sweatdropped as Ruckus faded from existence with a bunch of colourful sparkles. In a feat of super-deformed strength, he recoiled so fast and suddenly that he managed to escape Rampage. He leapt to his feet, covered in SD Godzilla-thingy drool.
           "I didn't do it!" he protested his innocence.
           "Most dishonourable!" Riot exclaimed, stepping forward. "Show yourselves, or I'll burn you into a BBQ chicken!"
           Chaos pointed to the charred albatross in Riot's hands. "Too late."
           Two silhouetted figures stepped out from the shadows of the surrounding trees. They were pretty. They were evil. And at the risk of making a bad pun, they were pretty evil--not to mention a scantily-clad set of twins! The only thing setting them apart was the red and blue cheongsams they wore.
           "Anyone else here feel like they just walked into Street Fighter game on Versus mode?" Chaos asked, raising his hand. "Or else maybe Miyuki-chan in Wonderland?"
           Riot looked up at the twins, who were dramatically perched atop one of the higher tree branches.
           "I am Fire," the girl in blue stated.
           "I am Brimstone," the girl in red stated.
           "And together," they chorused ominously, pointing down at the two fanboys, "we're going to steal all your SDseeds!"
           Riot raised one of his eyebrows. "Think we should tell them that the branch they're standing on cannot support their combined weight?"
           With a loud "CRACK!" said branch snapped off from the rest of the tree, and Fire & Brimstone let out a startled yelp before tumbling to the ground in a dirty and bedraggled tangle of arms, legs, and obligatory panty shots.
           Much rejoicing!
           "Most dishonourable amateurs," Riot sighed, massaging his forehead.

*           *           *

           Chaos gaped at Hotaru's description of the scene to come. "Wait a minute, back up. Ruckus *died*? We can't die! We're Fanboys!"
           Hotaru had pulled her legs up onto the couch, and was hugging herself. "That's what I thought too. Not just you guys...but my family as well. We were Senshi. We defended the Earth. We couldn't die. Nobody really believed he was dead. And besides, Ruckus wasn't really a core Fanboy. Only Riot and Pandemonium were close to him. You were all far too busy being wacky to care."
           "Hey!" Chaos protested, then quieted at Hotaru's sudden flash of anger. "Sorry...." he then mumbled.
           "But then the others started getting picked off. It wasn't just another dumb plot or fanficfic. It was the enemy." Hotaru was getting more and more withdrawn. Despite his well-honed instincts, Chaos felt a need to comfort her. He reached out and took her hand, and she smiled gratefully.
           "But then there were more deaths: Pandemonium, Demolition. And not just you guys either. Minako died...and Michiru-mama. My family was being taken from me. And they still wouldn't take it seriously. Even you, Chaos. Everyone was still running around, and being super-deformed, and trying to look cool while embarrassing everyone else."
           She took a deep breath. "I think it took Sarcasm's death to make everyone realise how serious this was...."

           [Cue another flashforward!]

           "Ne, who was that?" Dark Mayhem asked, sticking his head out of the kitchen.
           Chaos shrugged, returning to the couch. "Just some talent agent. Said she wanted to interview Sarcasm about her bishounen harem."

Carnage: [looking up from his omochi balls] "Did you happen to catch her name?"

Chaos: "Crow something-or-other. Ano...Helium Crow? Silver Crow? Platinum Crow? Shimatta, what was it?"

Riot: o.O; "Lead Crow?!"

Chaos: ^-^ "That's the element! You'd think her parents would have picked something on the periodic table that's a little easier to remember."

           "You couldn't possibly be that stupid," Pesti-chan exclaimed, gawking at Chaos. "You just let a Sailor Animate into our apartment!"
           Chaos leaned back to a safer distance from Pesti-chan's hyperactive outburst. "It's been a while since I last saw my Sailorstars fansubs. What's the deal?"
           "Chaos, you most dishonourable idiot, Sailor Lead Crow is one of Galaxia's underlings," Riot stated. "She's a master of anything- goes, martial-arts SDseed stealing-fu! And you let her just waltz right into Sarcasm's room!"
           Yet Chaos didn't seem all too worried. "Relax!" he said, waving aside their fears. "Sarcasm's a fangirl. Lead Crow's bound to be punted through the ceiling any second now!"

Fanboys: -.-;; "......"

Chaos: ^^; "Would you believe Lead Crow gets punted through the nearest window instead?"

           Meanwhile, in Sarcasm's room, there was much nekkid bishounen. And naturally much rejoicing. And once again, if this author were into that sort of shonen ai kinda thing, I'd actually bother to write something about it. You drooling female otaku can just think of ecchi fantasies in your mind. But suffice to say the Wet N' Wild jacuzzi night had everyone in high spirits.
           "More! I demand more fanservice!" Sarcasm exclaimed as she watched her bishies stroll through her enormous pan-dimensional room. "There will be no going winged pixie for me tonight, and I want to see those chests. And nipples! Show me your nipples!"
           She suddenly whirled and pointed at Hotohori.

Sarcasm: "Ho-chan, who said you could wear so much clothing?"

Hotohori: [sweatdrop!] "Um...I'm just wearing a thong."

Sarcasm: "Like I said, where do you get off wearing so much clothing?"

           Before Hotohori could make any sort of protest, SD Chic & Gorgeous raced across the room and yanked down the thong. Sarcasm sighed in satisfaction and went back to reclining in her beach chair. The hapless Mosquiton stayed behind her chair, adjusting the sunlamp according to her fangirlish whims.
           However, an unexpected distraction presented itself when someone opened up the bedroom door. A young woman with tanned skin and long rust-coloured hair walked in, pausing momentarily to gawk as Asaba led a dozen or so bishounen in the Asaba Sexy Dance by the jacuzzi.
           "Sarcasm-hime, you have a guest," Mosquiton said.
           "Tell her I've already got a subscription to Playbishie," the dark elf replied, waving Lead Crow aside.
           Marron Glaces appraised the incognito Animate. "I don't think she's here to sell you a magazine subscription, Sarcasm. Looks more professional than that." Upon stating his opinion, he adjusted the towel draped over his shoulders and headed for the diving board.
           "Sarcasm-hime, I presume?" Lead Crow asked, walking up to Sarcasm's beach chair.
           "What of it?" Sarcasm yawned, already finding the company of a non-bishounen losing her interest.
           Lead Crow grabbed hold of the shoulder of her business suit and then yanked it off. The suit dissolved into loose threads and stitches within seconds, much to even Lead Crow's surprise.
           "Non-tear fabric, my butt," she muttered, trying to sweep up the strands of her suit. "I said I wanted something akin to Velcro sweatpants, not something that dissolves instantly!"
           A sweatdrop appeared next to her head when she became acutely aware of numerous bishie shadows looming over her. "A-Ano...."
           "Care to indulge me as to what you're doing here?" Sarcasm inquired, numerous throwing spatulas gripped between her fingers.
           Recovering quickly from her less than spectacular entrance, Lead Crow threw back her head, winced as she cracked her neck and made a mental note to set an appointment with Dr. Tofu, and then let loose with a haughty cackle.
           "Your party's being crashed early tonight, Sarcasm! I'm Sailor Lead Crow, and I'm here for your SDseed."
           At the risk of stating the obvious, a legion of loyal bishounen suddenly stepped in between Sarcasm and Lead Crow.
           "Don't worry, Sarcasm," Zelgadis stated, making an aggressive fighting stance. "If I can stop a cannonball with my forehead, I can take on some winged twerp."
           "Hey, I resent that," Folken piped up.
           Touga ripped open his Ohtori Academy shirt, displaying his bare chest. "Can't you hear it? The sound of the End of the Animate?"
           Lead Crow smirked, shaking her head at Sarcasm. "Baka dark elf. Do you think I'd walk into your bishounen parlour without knowing your weakness?"
           With a dramatic gesture she flung open the bedroom door, leaving wide the floodgates for a tide of Nyan Nyans to come racing in.
           "Ooooh, Nyan Nyan has a new playmate!" one of the Nyan Nyans exclaimed, excitedly grabbing hold of Yuu Matsura's arm and tugging on it. Red Mantle gawked at her in disbelief.
           "I found one too!" another Nyan Nyan called out, leaping into the air and glomping onto Mosquiton's back.
           "Wai! Wai! New playmates for everybody!" yet another Nyan Nyan cried out happily, chasing after a panicky SD Chic & Gorgeous. However, the two SD Maze villains collided with Valgarv and Gokudou-kun, who were themselves trying to escape a small herd of playful Nyan Nyans.
           Sarcasm's eyebrow involuntarily twitched as she watched the Nyan Nyans terrorise her bishies. "N-Na ni? I thought Anarchy and I got rid of them in the garbage disposal!"
           Lead Crow cackled triumphantly. "Ha, you only wish! Nyan Nyans are like Santa Claus; they're everywhere! You just have to know which book to find in the Restricted Section of the Tokyo Public Library."
           Suddenly Sarcasm found herself the latest victim of the Nyan Nyan's giddy antics. Half a dozen Nyan Nyans swarmed around her, excitedly jumping up and down. "Sarcasm onee-san, play with us!" they sang. "Sarcasm onee-san!"

Sarcasm: [turning pale] "Too...damned...kawaii!!"

           With a shriek of anguish and a puff of kawaii grey smoke, Sarcasm reverted into her cutesy fairy mode. Her little wings fluttering around, Herself the Elf whined as she saw Griffith and Nicholas Wolfwood being dragged off to play a boardgame with some Nyan Nyans.
           "Hey, you didn't sign out for them!" she shouted after the Nyan Nyans. "Waaaah! I'm losing all my bishies!"
           But that proved to be the least of Sarcasm's problems, as Lead Crow reached out and grabbed the li'l fairy. Herself the Elf was unable to move in the Sailor Animate's grip, no matter how hard she struggled.
           "Let go of me!" Herself the Elf exclaimed indignantly. "Oooh, if I only had my arms free, I'd smack you so hard with my Zanba spatula!"
           Sailor Lead Crow laughed, her free hand moving ominously closer to the trapped elfgirl. The bracelet around her wrist started to glow, charging up a fireball that would viciously tear out Sarcasm/Herself the Elf's SDseed.
           "You can't do that to me," Herself the Elf sniffled, frantically struggling (and failing) to get free. "I'm a fangirl!"
           "Fangirls...are not exempt," Lead Crow stated icily.

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