Usagi-chan de CUE!!


Rating: 2 Rampages

Episodes seen: 1 of ?

Inaba Mikami is a rough looking, tough talking girl who takes on a fight with a bully from another school. After a slight miscalculation, Mikami takes a tumble off the school roof, also accidentally wrecking the rabbit hutch that was behind her. One of the rabbits has also fallen, and Mikami reaches out to save it as her last act. Then, as both plummet to their deaths, a bright light appears that does something strange -- somehow, Mikami's body has merged with the rabbit to form a Fusion, a half human, half animal creature. The result is Mimika, bright eyed and cheery, who looks just like Mikami, though she's blonde and is sporting a rabbit tail and ears. Strangely, Mimika's rabbit ears also have the power to change people's perception, because now everyone seems to think that Mimika's always been around! When the bully Mikami originally fought finds out that Mikami isn't quite as dead as he thought she was, he fights her again -- and Mimika changes back into Mikami! Things complicate further, Mimika is head over heels in love with Matogi Haru -- she ends up living with him, which is less than good news for his childhood friend, Miku. A strange love triangle arises, and trouble brews as Mimika's Fusion attracts the attention of some shady people...

Herself the Elf sez: Apparently this is a new show, but the rather cheap animation and older art style makes it look like it's from the early nineties. Definitely a fanservice-oriented show, it's chock full of T&A and panty shots, although they just seem to be going through the motions (as compared to the inspired and creative pantiness of AiKA).

The basic impression I got was that it's Cutey Honey with bunny ears. When Mikami merges with the rabbit, the rabbit's brain takes over, creating the hyper-kawaii and perky bunny-girl Mimika. Mind you, they do have a somewhat cute take on the 'rabbit' aspect of her personality, in that she sleeps on newspapers...but that's pretty much the only rabbit-like thing she does. Apparently, our pets fantasize about our sexy human bodies, because the first thing Mimika does is feel Mikami's body up while expressing how she'd wanted to do just that for such a long time. Ooookay... Oh yes, and rabbits have magical bunny hypnotic powers (via their ears) that can brainwash people. Other than that, she's pretty annoying in the 'cute robot and/or animal girl constantly throwing herself at (and in this case, humping) hero' way.

Things get vaguely interesting when she changes back to Mikami and kicks ass, but all in all this show is basically a thinly veiled excuse for furry fanservice. Apparently more animal girls show up later....whee. Recommended as light eyecandy entertainment; not good for much else.

Available fansubbed.

Created 15-11-02