V Gundam

Rating: 3 Rampages

"GROUND!  That's it, ground!  Oh, I wonder if it'll be friends with me..." Synopsis:
150 years after the start of the space colonization program, and a century after the emigration program was halted so that the favored elites could remain on Earth, the migration of mankind into space is at last nearly complete. The Earth Federation has transferred its base of operations to the moon, leaving the battered planet to heal the damage caused by human abuse. Only a handful of legal residents remain on Earth in a few designated residence areas, with the odd illegal resident hiding out in the wilderness. With its task of space colonization and population management essentially completed, the Federation has become weak and impotent. After the successful defiance of the Crossbone Vanguard (see Gundam F91), the Federation has continued to slide into irrelevance, and the spacenoids have become progressively bolder in their agitation for independence.
In UC 0149, a radical political movement seizes power at Side 2 and establishes the independent Zanscare Empire. While saintly Queen Maria Pia Ammonia is the empire's spiritual leader, the totalitarian Gachi Party effectively rules in her name, spreading its brand of religion through terror and military force. The Federation is too weak and conflicted to muster an effective response, but a civilian resistance movement called the League Militaire recognizes the threat and begins arming itself to counter the Zanscare peril. In UC 0153, the true battle begins, as the Zanscare Empire sets out to turn the restored Earth into a homeland for the true believers. Zanscare's elite Yellowjacket force invades the planet, setting up an advance base at the Eastern European city of Largane. Meanwhile, Zanscare's mighty space fleet sets out to overwhelm neighboring space colonies. The last hope for resistance lies with the League Militaire, whose underground factories in Eastern Europe are manufacturing a line of state-of-the-art mobile suits to combat the Zanscare forces...

Yoshiyuki Tomino's second attempt at a fresh take on the Gundam storyline, this one fared better than F-91, though only because it had more time to work with. The animation was not as good as it should have been, this is made up for, however, with an impressive musical score. The Gundams themselves are fairly interesting, for all that we see of each (the main character trashes at least one Gundam or major component thereof, every five episodes.) and the fights are good clean fun. The script could deffinitely have used some work, and a few of the characters do begin to grate on you after a while (why the hell do all the Gundam pilots have to be kids!?), but all in all this is a pretty good series; It's just no Zeta or Wing.

Currently only available fansubbed...if you're lucky.