The Venus Wars

Damn, I'm supposed to be the coolest one around

Rating: 4 Rampages

In the future, the earth will be so overpopulated that humanity will be forced to colonize other planets to meet its needs. One of the planets that is colonized is Venus. Venus is marked by constant warring as different nations vie to be ruler of it. Hiro, a demolition derby motorcycler, was just minding his own business when the nation of Ishtar moved in on the city. Nevertheless, he becomes actively involved along with his friends in the fight to regain Aphrodia's (his home nation) freedom. There are other participants that are sucked into the action as well, including the ditzy but headstrong journalist Susan, the cynical war vet, and the other gung-ho members of Hiroís motorcycling team.

Tee hee, I'm just so cute nobody could bomb me! Review:
An excellent sci-fi war story, entertaining and full of action. Some of the characters are annoying but thatís life, neh? Animation isnít anything to rave about but the overall story makes up for it. Avoid the dubbed version if you can.

Available dubbed or subbed from Manga Entertainment.

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