Venus 5

Rating: 0 Rampages Cover for the 1st Video

From the darkness of the past, Necros and the Lords of her perverted Inma Empire have been reborn. She plans to revive the god Apollo from his ten thousand year slumber and receive his gift of near-infinite power. But five, sexy 19-year-old warriors stand ready to oppose her: The Venus 5 - the holy warriors of Venus and the servants of the goddess Aphrodite. Together, these five superheroines are the only defence against Necros' forces of evil!

Okay. A hentai trying to poke fun at Sailor Moon, and to still be a hentai. BAD IDEA. While poking fun at Sailor Moon is always fun, this show decidedly is NOT. The dubbing in this beats everything I've ever seen for sheer shlock value; the entire cast seems to have attended the William Shatner school of acting. The hentai moments are decidedly uninteresting, wanna-be sailor scouts and nameless nubile girls getting raped by demons...AGAIN! As for the attempt at a comic stab at Sailor Moon...they seem to have forgotten about two minutes in that they were trying even remotely to be funny. Simply godawful, and to be avoided at all costs.

Available subbed or dubbed from Anime 18.