Rating: 3 Rampages

Here's the deal; You've got this partially living robot, an android if you will, who saves the Planet Arus from all evils and bad stuff. And one day the head bad guy King Zarkon sends his wicked witch Hagar to destroy the robot. She hurles a blast of energy at aforementioned robot, but it doesn't kill him -- instead he breaks up into five robot lions that don't work on their own. The pieces hurtle back to Planet Arus and bury themselves somewhere.... So the head good-guy and leader of Arus, King Alfor, takes the five parts and fixes them into spacecrafts operated like any other spacejets would be. Each one was powered by one of the elements of the world.... the Black Lion by Lightning, the Red Lion by Fire, the Green Lion by Cyclone, the Blue Lion by Water, and the Yellow Lion by Magma. following the death of King Alfor and the destruction of the current pilots of the lions, the lions themselves stayed in their hiding places, totally unused. Enter the Space Explorers. On the World Events Productions chronology, Galaxy Garrison sent the five aforementioned space explorers out to "find" and "bring back" the aforementioned robot defender of the universe. After a few run-ins with the bad people and more narrow escapes than a cat on its ninth life, they make it to Arus and discover the only survivors of the royal court, the castle diplomat Koran and the royal highness Princess Allura. Now that they control the Lions, they discover their true power...and a legend is born...

Yet another childhood classic, this is the quintessential "Giant Robot Team" anime. Incredibly dated, this is great for MST material, or for kids who like this sort of thing. Like Mazinger Z, really only good for kitsch value, there is much better stuff out there, but these are the shows that made us into otaku as kids...they deserve some real credit =)

Good luck...you might find somebody with tapes of the Saturday morning cartoon version somewhere.