Weather Report Girl

Keiko shows off her assets

Rating: 3 Rampages

Weathergirl Michiko Kawaii, star of the nine o'clock news, needs to take a night off to go to a friend's wedding. But, the thing is, who should she get to replace her? She doesn't want to get a pretty young usurper who's going to steal the spotlight from her, does she? So Michiko looks through the company roster and finds the most unattractive, poorly-dressed employee she can. And that's how Keiko got the job for a night.
Well, more than just a night. You see, Keiko intentionally disguised her buxom body so that just such a thing would happen. And now that she's got the chance, she decides to show her claws. So when Keiko flashes her panties during the broadcast, the show's ratings jump and the network chairman insists that Keiko be given the spot permanently. Poor Michiko is put on the "Weather at Dawn" spot -- at 6 am!
However, it isn't entirely a free ride for Keiko. Her newfound celebrity has alerted an old classmate, a failure of a man, who believes that the only woman he can ever have is Keiko, all because of a little embarrassing incident that happened between him and a very drunk Keiko before high school graduation. So we've got a stalker now, right? Well, that's not all. Kawaii isn't going to stand for being ousted by Keiko, so she's decided to exact some sort of revenge. But when her creative use of laxatives backfires, Michiko finds herself in a situation far worse than being fired!

Let's go-itlan! Review:
Yet another extremely warped adult comedy anime. Excellent soft hentai comedy a la Golden Boy, this is ridiculous fun at its best. A two-part OVA.

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