Princess Army Wedding Combat

Rating: 3 rampages

Princess Army is the story of Aida Nonoka, who, at the age of five, was rescued by a young boy from an angry drunk. She sees her "savior" throw the drunk judo-style, and from that day on, follows in her family's footsteps to become a champion judoka. She believes that is she does judo, she will eventually encounter her savoir. She will know her savior by the scar on his back he incurred saving her life.
Nonoka is now a judo champion despite her small size. She kicks everyone's butt. When she joins Asamizo High she encounters two boys that might be her savior, Hashiba Yuya and Oda Shinobu. One day, a strange man shows up with his teenage son, Hajime. It turns out that this man was their father's friend, and Hajime is engaged to Nonoka! Their father had promised, on his deathbed, that Nonoka would marry Hajime. Hajime is also a serious judo person.
The man is going to Poland, and wants to take Nonoka to the International Judo Association to train. The brothers want what is best for Nonoka, and tell her she can go. Hajime is very much enamoured of Nonoka. He follows her to school, and does not leave her alone. Yuya and Shinobu are not very pleased with this. What Nonoka deicdes will change her entire future! And will Yuya and Shinobu ket Hajime walk away with Nonoka?

No Princess, no wedding (yet) no army, and well...a little combat. When I first heard the name I was afraid it was going to be another Wedding Peach. Now that I've seen it, I'm wondering why the heck they named it something so misleading. More like a sillier version of Yawara, this is a fun two episode series (grrr.) Hajime is hilarious, he takes being a pervert to an interesting new level. The premise isn't really new, and the animation is pretty normal, but it's still funny and worth a look, esspecially if you're a Yawara fan.

As far as I know it's only available fansubbed.