Weiß Kreuz

(Knight Hunters)

Rating: 3 Rampages The Weiß team

Weiß Kreuz are a group of four young men who pose as florists by day - but by night, they're a team of highly skilled assassins working for an organization aiming to take out the corrupt and high-ranking members of Japan's underworld. Cute guys kicking bad-guy ass and looking good while they do it - that about sums this show up.

This show is best described as Clamp Campus Detectives for adults, with some serious attitude. They both have pretty-boys solving cases while hordes of girls swarm them...and that's where the comparison ends, folks, 'cause this one kicks SO much more ass than CCD could ever hope to. The characters have MUCH more depth to them, plus they actually look like guys (gee, what a concept) and kick butt every episode. The lack of blood and tendency for off-screen violence is a tiny inconsequential gripe considering the obvious target audience of teen girls. That aside, I got hooked after only 4 episodes. Some episodes are better than others, and the animation can be somewhat erratic, but on the whole it is a pretty solid show. Both the opening and ending themes are very catchy, and the BGM is decent for the scenes. Guys might not like it quite as much as the ladies, but even so this is a fun show that has plenty of drama, romance and even a little comedy to satisfy many an otaku. Well recommended.

Herself the Elf sez: The melodrama can be a bit heavy-handed at times, but hey! Major drool material here! Who cares about anything else? ^_~

Update: The animation was always kind of inconsistent, but near the end it gets REALLY awful. There are also some major plot holes near the end that I just found bizarre. After seeing more of this show, and seeing other bishounen shows, I'm less impressed with Weiß than I used to be. It was one of the first well-known bishounen anime, and that counts for something, but I prefer my bishounen a bit more complex, less angsty and with senses of humour. If you're into heavy love-and-death melodrama with cute guys, however, then Weiß is right up your alley.

Available as "Knight Hunters" from Media Blasters

Updated 10-12-01