Witch Hunter Robin

Rating: 3 #&189; Rampages

Episodes seen: 1 of ? Robin

In a world where witches really do exist and pose a threat to mankind, an organization called Solomon has been battling witches for thousands of years. Solomon sends a young Italian woman named Robin to Japan to hunt down witches. Robin is an orphan raised by the famed exorcist, Father Juliano, to be a talented witch hunter. In Japan, Robin finds herself working under half-witch half-human team leader, Amon. As Robin's abilities improve with experience, she comes to question the reasons why witches and humans have been fighting each other for so long. Shuko Murase (character designer for Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie, Street Fighter II V, Gundam Wing and Gasaraki) makes his directorial debut, with main writer Aya Yoshinaga (Crest of the Stars) and character designs by Kumiko (not Rumiko) Takahashi (Mermaid's Scar, Tokyo Babylon).


Herself the Elf sez: Witch Hunter Robin shows a lot of promise. The art is very understated, with realistic character design and a very muted, almost monochromatic colour scheme, all of which adds to the sense of realism and foreboding that permeates the series. The characters have excellent, subtle facial expressions and behave in a very realistic way. The music suits the series very well and has a dark yet interesting sound to it. And, of course, let's not forget the bishounen--Amon is one sexy fellow. ^_^

Witch Hunter Robin takes its time with the story, and while the pace can be a bit slow at times it's not enough to lessen one's interest. While I found the use of the term 'witches' to denote evil, tainted creatures somewhat questionable, this show is still on my must-see list. Dark, moody and cool, WHR is definitely one to watch out for in future.

Available fansubbed.

Created 02-02-03

It's so refreshing to see a heroine who's actually clothed...