An all new Fangirl appears on the scene!

And she's...a pervert?

         [Enter the fanboys...exit all common sense!]

Chaos: [sigh!] "Yare yare. Are we *ever* going to get a break from our schedules? Today a fanfic."
Pesti: "Tomorrow a moviefic."
Carnage: "The day after that an Omakefic."
Havoc: ^-^ "Hotcha! But every day's a Havocfic!"

Dark Mayhem: "So much for this fic."
Pesti: "Hold on, this isn't a fic. It's a fanficfic!"
Chaos: ^-^ "Yes! I live!"
         [Cue the cow that falls from the sky for no apparent reason and smites Chaos!]
Cow: o.O [blink blink!] "Moo?"
Chaos: --;; "Itai."
Dark Mayhem: "Well, at least now we've got enough whipped cream and milk to make a milkshake."
Havoc: "Ecchichinoes for everybody!"
Carnage: "Don't you have an Off switch?"
Pesti: "We have yet to locate it."
         Hey, Lords and Ladies!

Fanboys: ^-^ "Ohayo!"

         (And Carnivorous SD Godzilla-thingies)
Rampage: ^-^ "CHU CHU!"

Catastrophe: ^-^ "chu chu!"


         Here's a short story to while away ... maybe 5 minutes with? Take it easy!
         [Taking it easy, the fanboys all break out the bottles of Hard Lemonade and make a toast!]
Fanboys: "Kanpai!"
         [Cue the oversized piece of toast that falls from the sky and smites Chaos!]


Pesti: o.O

Chaos: ;_;

Carnage: >)

Havoc: ^-^

Dark Mayhem: --;; "Baka baka, minna baka."

         Yoiko's Fanboys! Fanficfic
         Opening Theme: "Give a Reason"

         [Cue Anarchy & Tasuki on karaoke!]

Tasuki: "Anarchy-baby, let's have some Flame of Recca!"

Anarchy: [singing with Sake!] "I'd rather have flames of lekka shien, but the night's still young and the karaoke bars are still intact. 'Nanka tameikyu...fukaku tameikyu! Wazu kana ochiko mi...chiusei wokoro gasu! Nanka dame kamo senbu dame kamo mienai haadoru...umaku hasu sume naire!"

Chaos: [aside to Mayhem] "Unlike fine wines, Anarchy's singing doesn't improve with age."

Anarchy: [glare!] "What?"

         [Cue the Bebop spaceship, which falls from the sky and smites Chaos!]
Chaos: [big swirly eyes!] "J-Jo'o-samaaaa...."
Dark Mayhem: "We lose more fanboys this way."

Spike: [stepping out from the Bebop] "What the? This doesn't look like Mars. Jet, are you sure you got the co-ordinates right?"

         [Abruptly a cute mutt of a dog comes running out of the Bebop.]

Hysteria: ^-^ "Oooh! Look at the kawaii little doggy-chan!"

Spike: "Do you want him? He's yours."

Hysteria: ^-^ [chasing after the dog] "Oooh! Eine-chan Eine-chan Eine-chan Eine-chan!"

Carnage: "Ne, isn't Eine actually not a mascot, but a genetically enhanced data storage--?"

Rampage: *CHOMP!* "CHU CHU!"

Dark Mayhem: "*Was* a genetically enhanced data storage unit."

Pesti: "Rampage didn't seem to care about that one way or the other."

Havoc: ^-^ [boing boing boing!] "Hotcha! I've got Faye Valentine's panties! I've got Faye Valentine's panties!"

Faye Valentine: [pulling out her guns!] "Just what the hell do you think you're doing, you pervert?!"

Havoc: ^-^ "Oro?"

Pesti: [grabbing an umbrella] "This should prove interesting."

Carnage: [with another umbrella!] "Not to mention pointless."


         Chaos walked through the door to find someone asleep on the sofa. "Ah, moshi-moshi?" he asked. No answer.

Chaos: "Oh, that is so unrealistic! Ne, guys, what do you think of my newest skirt?"

         [No answer....]

Chaos: --;; "You're just jealous that you lack my fashion sense."

Carnage: "Excuse me if I have yet to get in touch with my Inner Dragqueen."

"Mayhem, come get your friend off of the couch! I wanna watch Anime!"

Chaos: "Yes! More Anime! More manga! More OVAs! More movies!"

Havoc: ^-^ "More hentai!"

Chaos: ^^ "Hai! More--(o.O) HAVOC!!"

         Mayhem called from the kitchen, "What are you talking about, Sailor Dragqueen? She's not mine! I think she's a friend of Hysteria's."

Chaos: [???] "Hysteria has friends?"

Dark Mayhem: "She calls them friends. We call them unfortunate victims."

Pesti: "Speaking of, did she ever manage to snag Clamp Campus' elementary VP?"

Hysteria: ^-^ "Hai! Kawaii little Suoh-chan is all tied up in Hysteria's kawaii little bedroom-chan now!"

Carnage: [sweatdrop!] "Hello, Shouta complex."

         True to form, Hysteria seemed to mysteriously appear out of nowhere. "Ne? Did Hysteria-chan hear her kawaii little name? Ne?"

Hysteria: "Oooh! A kawaii little otaku-chan to have a kawaii little tea party-chan with."

Fanboys: "I refuse to believe she's *my* kid."

Carnage: "Chaos, she writes dumb fanfics like you, almost matches your level of stupidity, and turns into Chibi Haley."

Hysteria: ^-^ "Hai, Carnage-poppa!"

Carnage: "See? She agrees with me!"

Pesti: "A-Ano...."

Chaos: "Well what about her Mysterious Mecha St. Tallgeese?!"

Carnage: "That proves nothing!"

Hysteria: ^-^ "Ooooh! And you should see Hysteria's newest kawaii little mecha-chan: Totoro's kawaii little Neko Tank-chan!"

         [Cue the facevaults!]

         The figure on the couch stirred, blinked, and yawned (but not all at once, naturally).

Pesti: [gesturing to Chaos] "Hai hai. *This* is what happens when you try to do that all at once."

Chaos: [big tangled knot of a fanboy on the couch] "Um...a little help here."

Dark Mayhem: "Gomen nasai, Chaos, but all we have is cement glue. Catastrophe-chan ate the prybar."

Catastrophe: ^-^ *burp!* "chu chu!"

She sat up and stretched, then without a word shuffled off to the kitchen. Noises from the kitchen indicated someone rooting around in the fridge.

Sarcasm: ", does anyone know where I can find that last batch of Havoc's okonomipanty?"

Dark Mayhem: "Third shelf on your left, next to the Harpy Ooze and Hard Lemonade."

Sarcasm: ^-^ "Arigato! Zel-chan, back to the bathtub! You scrub my back, and I'll sandblast yours!"

Fanboys: [sweatdrops!] "......"

         "...damn, that's a lot of jello..."

Havoc: [perking up] "What? Jello?"
Pesti: "Is it too much to ask that we have a normal fic for once in our lifetime?"
Dark Mayhem: "You're tempting fate, Pesti-chan. You're so tempting fate."

Hysteria: "Waaah! Suoh-chan escaped from Hysteria's kawaii little handcuff-chans! To the Neko Tank-chan!"

Pesti: [sweatdrop!] "Is that cat tank grinning because of the homing missiles it has secured in its ears?"

Chaos: "Carnage, how could you let her get away with this?"

Carnage: --;; "Fireball."


Chaos: [burnt li'l fanboy] "I wouldn't be so upset about this...IF YOU GUYS WEREN'T ROASTING MARSHMELLOWS OVER ME!!!"

Dark Mayhem: "Want one?"

Chaos: ^-^ "Hai, arigato gozaimasu!"

         Mayhem adjusted his glasses.
         "...damn again, that's an awful lot of Hard lemonade... Hard Lemonade...? The hell?"

Fanboys: [all taking out Hard Lemonade!] "Kanpai!"

         [Cue the Neko Tank, which runs over Chaos!]

Hysteria: ^-^ [hopping out from the tank & grappling on to a blue-haired young boy] "Suoh-chan! Suoh-chan Suoh-chan Suoh-chan!"

         [Hysteria drags the poor guy off to her room.]

Pesti: [glancing over his shoulder] "Ne, Mayhem, who's that behind you?"

Suoh: [hiding behind Dark Mayhem] "You saw nothing."

Ryuudo Kazumi: o.O "KYAAAAAAA!!! Hanako-chan, save me!!!"

         She walked back into the living room, and said, "Ummm... Is this where I think it is?"

Havoc: ^-^ "Welcome to Planet Hentai! Please check your bust size at the door...on second thought, let *me* check your bust size!"

Fanboys: "SHADDUP HAVOC!!!"

         "Nope! It's not Fanfic Hell!" Mister Satan cheerily proclaimed from the tv screen.

Pesti: [lament] "We're in the bowels of fanfic hell thanks to this series' sadistic author."

Dark Mayhem: "Oh, I'd say we haven't sunk that low yet. We're more in hell's duodenum."

Pesti: "Hush, uber exploder newt-boy!"

Chaos: [still beneath the Neko-Tank] "Moshi moshi? I think I'm bleeding internally here."

         "Quiet, you!" the unsolicited guest replied firmly. "Now, in order to get rid of as much confusion as possible, I think a physical description is in order.

Pesti: "Why do you figure that?"

Chaos: --;; "That way we can pick her out of a line-up of other fanficfic characters if she wantonly abuses us."

Dark Mayhem: "I notice our author's been strangely absent from those."

Havoc: ^-^ "Ah, I remember picking out NeoHaruka's panties from the last line-up. Such smooth silken stockings!"

Pesti: "Such perverted alliteration."

Carnage: "BURST RONDO!!"

Dark Mayhem: "Such a dizzying aroma of burnt cream."

>Any of you guys read the Ranma 1/2 manga?

Fanboys: ^-^ "Hai!"

         [Cue Kodachi, the Black Rose, bounding onto the scene!]

Kodachi: [with gymnastics ribbon!] "Woh hoh ho oho hoh ho!!!"

Pesti: [reverting into 6 SD Pesti-chan mode!] "Aiya!"

Havoc-chan: [sigh!] "I don't know what her disorder is...but I've got Shampoo's panties! I've got Shampoo's--!!"

Shampoo: [grrrr!] "Kill female Nagumo!!"

Havoc-chan: ^-^ "Oro?"


Remember the time Ranma dressed up as Ryouga's "little sister Yoiko"?

Chaos: [hmph!] "I still look better dressed up as a girl than that Ranma ever could anyday."

SD Pesti #4: [somewhere beneath the Cream Lemon] "Kyaaaaa! I can't see over the whipped cream!"

SD Pesti #5 [also somewhere beneath the cream!] "Daijobu, Pesti-chan! I shall save you!"

SD Pesti #3: ^-^ [glomp!] "Hotcha! Mako-chan's thighs!"

Anarchy: [VERY unamused] "Get the hell off me. NOW."

I look like that, but with cute little Lum-type oni horns. And my hair is brown."

Havoc: "Lum may have the horns but I've got her tiger-striped panties!"

Ataru Moroboshi: "Hotcha! And I've got Akane Tendo's panties!"

Lum: [charging her static electricity] "DARLING, YOU LECH!!"

Havoc & Ataru: ^-^ "Oro?"


         Hysteria giggled, "Ooooh!! Your little oni horns are so kawaiiiiii! Waaaaaah!!"

Havoc: "Our fic is like a red, red rose--and I am a little horny!"

Pesti: "That's 'and I am a little thorny', you moron. I take it you've been with Minako again."

Havoc: "Either way, our fic is like a--"

Carnage: "No, Havoc, our fic is a big white puddle of Cream Lemon thanks to you!"

Dark Mayhem: "I'm just impressed Lum managed to fry Ataru *and* Chaos, but miss Havoc completely."

Chaos: [twitch twitch!] "I-I-I-Itai."

Anarchy: [dusting off her hands] "And that takes care of that."

SD Pesti #2: "Ne, what'd you do to the perverted one?"

Anarchy: [dark smile] "Oh, he's...around."

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