Phantom Quest Corps

(Yougen Kaisha)

Rating: 3½ Rampages Ayaka

Phantom Quest Corp, or You-Gen-Kai-Sya, is a paranormal investigations company whose mission is to "Exterminate Evil Spirits and other Monsters". Established by Ayaka Kisaragi (owner/president), PQC is a subcontracted employee of U-Division (apparently the Paranormal Division of the police bureau). Their police contact is Assistant Lieutenant Kozo Karino, who often works with PQC directly.
Ayaka Kisaragi is the president of PQC and is always in the middle of the action, leading her troops as it were. She drinks too much, sleeps too late (and has a rotten time getting up), and keeps her company perpetually 'in the red' financially due to her spending habits. She has a cool lipstick that transforms into a magic light sword (but NOT like in Wedding Peach, thank Kami-sama). Inspector Karino, not having a good day
The Inspector doesn't trust Ayaka's abilities much, but the other employees of Yuugen Kaisha have their own 'problems' anyway. The only decent (and consistently useful) one is the 11-year-old Mamoru, who has been sent by the Kisaragi family to help PQC out by being a (at various times) Office Manager, Accountant, Personnel Director, Research Assistant, Salesperson, and even the Cleaning Staff. Is the team going to be able to solve their cases? Will Ayaka ever stop drinking?! A drunk Ayaka singing karaoke

I just love it when I hear nothing about a series, and it blindsides me with a big hit of fun and insanity. Like other supernatural/fantasy shows, Phantom Quest Corps manages to create a nice balance of comedy, action, interesting story, and controlled lunacy. Though the animation is quite good, and the music is rather catchy, it's the characters that are the real treat of this show. All of them are obviously designed from stereotypes, but were given numerous quirks that make them all quite unique. Even the secondary characters are hilarious..c'mon, an anaemic Vampire? The stories are all self contained and are plenty of silly, action packed fun. While this may not be the best you can find out there, it's a damn good choice for a weekend rental. And who knows, you just might be as surprised as I was =)

Available subbed or dubbed from Pioneer Animation.