Galaxy Fraulein Yuna

Rating: 3½ Rampages Yuri

Cosmic cooking contests, house-destroying wake-up calls, and kidnapped puppies are all in a day's work for Yuna and her sidekick Yuri, the incredible eating machine. But is the new girl at school really what she seems? And what about those two around the corner? Yuna better watch out! The aliens have arrived and they're after her!

Yuri and Yuna having a bad day Review:
This two-part OVA is pretty much on par with Dragon Half. It's not *quite* as sidesplittingly hilarious (you actually get a couple of chances to breathe in-between the gags) but it's pretty darned close. Yuri has got the most ravenous appetite of any anime character EVER. Put Miaka, Usagi, and Lina together...and you'd have Yuri after a BIG meal. Her idea of a snack is a box of rice about the size of a house. Frightfully catchy opening song, incredibly goofy characters, silly violence, not much of a plot...but the gags are so relentless you don't really care (it is rather amusing to see how amazingly thick the good guys are in this one) and even some kawaii little mecha to boot! If you enjoy really wacky comedy like Dragon Half and The Ultimate Teacher, grab up Yuna ASAP, it's worth it.

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Returns

Rating: 2 Rampages Cover for the video

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna is back! But not everyone's thrilled about her return, especially an evil trio of sisters who plan to destroy the world - a diabolical dysfunctional family of female androids so deadly even the galactic military are powerless to stop them. And that only means one thing. It looks like Yuna's going to be cutting class to kick some ass!

Considering how relentlessly wacky the first Yuna OVA was, the second, more serious shoujo Yuna OVA was a BIG let down. Sure it has its moments, like the pacifistic (and still slower than a snail) Shiori packing more firepower in her teeny heart-laden powersuit than all of the Wing Gundams combined (methinks someone on the Yuna writing team has been watching Samurai Pizza Cats a bit much), and Yuri still has the bottomless stomach we all found so fun to watch in the first show. But sadly, this one takes itself far too seriously to be any real fun at all. The biggest mistake that a show aimed at kids can make is to try to be dramatic, but still dumb the story down so the kids will like NEVER works. The drama quickly becomes sappy melodrama, the comedy becomes forced, and the viewer becomes bored as all hell. I couldn't even sit all the way through the second half of the tape--it was just boring me to death. There was none of the zaniness of the original, just painful shoujo melodrama with uninteresting Gran Doll, only even more boring and less funny. Granted, I've seen worse anime out there, but this is still pretty crappy. Best left ignored in favour of the first OVA. Not recommended.

Both OVAs available subtitled or dubbed from AD Vision.