Hades Project Zeorymer

Rating: 2½ Rampages a picture. bleh.

The world is conquered by a group of 8 supremely-powerful robots. When the most powerful of these is stolen along with the embryo of its artificially constructed pilot, it becomes clear that the hold on Earth is not as strong as was thought.

Here we go again...this one is better than Dangaioh, but not by a hell of a lot. At least this one has a story (confusing, though it may be) that actually goes somewhere. The characters don't get developed worth a damn, and the plot is kinda weak (well, it IS a mecha show after all)...but, the mecha look cool! Isn't that all that matters??? Sorry guys, but wicked mecha do not a good anime make. For the mecha freaks only, and rental only, not at all worth buying.

Available from Nutech Digital Entertainment.