Gundam Zeta

aannnd, more floating heads.

Rating: 4 rampages

Following Operation Stardust (see Gundam 0083), the Federation has created an elite force to hunt down renegade Zeons and suppress anti-Federation movements in the colonies. This group, the Titans, soon proves to be nothing more than a gang of jackbooted thugs. In UC 0085, Titans forces commanded by Colonel Bosque Ohm suppress a spacenoid demonstration at Side 1's "30 bunch" (its 30th colony) with deadly force; pumping nerve gas into the colony, the Titans kill the colony's 3 million inhabitants. Though the "30 Bunch incident" is successfully hushed up, word of the Titans' massacre spreads among the spacenoid resistance groups. The AEUG ("Anti-Earth Union Group"), a paramilitary force composed of both renegade Federal Forces members and former Zeon soldiers, dedicates itself to opposing the oppression of the Titans. Thanks to the backing of powerful corporations, in particular the moon-based Anaheim Electronics, this resistance group is able to amass a small but well-equipped force. In UC 0087, the AEUG makes its first move, entering the Titans' stronghold at Side 7 to investigate reports that a new Gundam project is under way...

the Zeta Gundam Review:
Widely regarded as the only contender with 0083 for the best of the Gundam Saga, this is one dark and gritty series. The animation and music are obviously dated, but the mechanical designs are quite well done, the story is very intense and you very quickly get drawn into the characters lives. The rather tragic and open-ended closer to this series gives one a "we won the battle, but at what cost?" feeling that permeats many of the better Gundam stories. Despite it's dated appearance, this is still one of the best Mecha series available, and a must for any Gundam fan. Highly recommended.

Currently only avaliable Fansubbed.