Gundam Double Zeta

Oxygen?  Who needs Oxygen?

Rating: 2 Rampages

The Titans have been defeated, and in the aftermath of the great civil war Haman Khan makes her move. As UC 0088 begins, her army of renegade Zeons, who have returned to Earth inside the asteroid Axis, declare themselves the Neo Zeon. Aiming to win the space colonies over to their cause, Haman disperses the Neo Zeon fleet, sending each ship to woo the inhabitants of a different colony. One such ship is the cruiser Endora, under the command of young officer Mashma Serro, which has been dispatched to Side 1's Shangrila colony. By coincidence, this is where the AEUG flagship Agama, battered and exhausted, limps into harbor. The first colony constructed at Side 1, Shangrila is now a patchwork of scrapyards and slums. One of its inhabitants is 14-year-old Judo Ashita, who spends his weekends salvaging scrap metal. Judo watches the Agama's arrival, then snares a drifting mobile suit ejection pod. Dragging the pod into the colony, he and his friends discover that its occupant is Titans pilot Yazzan Gable, who has been drifting in space since the defeat of the Titans. Yazzan regains consciousness and promptly forces Judo and his friends to help him against the Agama and its crew.
Yazzan leads the kids to Shangrila's dock, where he plans to capture the Zeta Gundam and the Agama. Judo encounters the Zeta's former pilot, the now-comatose Camille Vidan, and shares a strange newtype bonding experience with him. He then swipes the Zeta himself, and begins a running battle with Yazzan's worker mobile suit. Despite his inexperience, Judo is able to wreck Yazzan's mobile suit, after which the AEUG recapture the Zeta. Judo and his friends quickly join up with the AEUG in their continuing fight against Haman and the Neo Zeon.

A huge dissapointment after a series as fantastic as Zeta, this was a much, MUCH more lighthearted part of the Gundam Saga. Very obviously aimed at the kids, this one had none of Zeta's grittiness or emotion. And when left with the same dated animation and music, and a story the likes of which you'd find in a shojo anime, there really is no reason to watch this one at all. Not recommended.

Currently only available Fansubbed.