Frostfaerie - City of Heroes

Front view, with old cape Worn at: Halloween '05, Dragon*Con 2006

I've wanted to dress up as my primary character from City of Heroes ever since I designed her in Beta, but I missed last year's Halloween contest so I made her for this year. I'd already started working on her when they announced the contest would be for archvillains, but as the original concept for her was that of a reformed villain, and Frostie was never really very friendly towards humans, it wasn't much of a stretch to rework her into a relapsed villain. Spent too much time playing the Sims2, so it's not quite up to my usual standards of workmanship, but I'm mostly happy with it.

The main problem with this costume is that it's drawn to look like armour, but it's essentially just a skin painted on to the character shape that stretches and conforms to the body, so it would be impossible to make as actual armor. So I sort of improvised. New cape

The bodysuit is based on the Kwik-sew pattern, modified to have only a back seam. I made a main bodysuit out of white spandex and then used leftover pieces of spandex to make the overlay pieces to create 3-D definition for the 'armor' pieces. This involved a lot of putting on, pinning, taking off, sewing, putting on, more pinning, ad nauseam. Then all the edges were accented with shading using Prismacolor markers. I wish I could have airbrushed the shading, but I don't have a compressor and I was short on time, so I went with the markers.

The knotwork patterns were a pain in the butt; by the last one I was so sick of knotwork I wanted to kill something. :P The 'rivets' are metal thingies I found at Arton Beads, which have little prongs on the back to attach to the fabric. They were perfect; I just spraypainted them white and outlined them in marker.

The elbows and knees are a textured waffle-weave black spandex to match the texture in the game; it doesn't really show up well in photos unfortunately. The boots are bought, and the arm wraps are strips of stretchy wet-look spandex.

The wig was kind of a pain, as I bought purple dye to try to tint it but it ended up being too dark, so then I tried rinsing most of the dye out. It's a bit streaky but okay. The horns are insulation foam and cardboard, held together with duct tape and covered with papier-maché and textured modeling paste, painted with purple and interference blue acrylics and sewn to the wig.

The costume was much more popular than I had expected, which was gratifying. I made the insect-wing cape for Dragon*Con; plan to make the glowing ice sword at some point to complete the ensemble. ^_^

(and yes, I know there's a big arrow on her/my groin. :P I don't know what the designers were thinking, but this is the coolest looking armor in the game IMO despite that, so I went with it.)

full-body shot closer view Woo, wrinkly spandex! Aloof Unavailable Ice Princess posing with broken masonry possibly my favourite shot. Doesn't really show off the costume much but looks cool. ^_^; One of my favourite pics from D*C.  Even superheroes need a drink now and then!Spooky lighting! Ice Princess. Action pose! The only pic where you can actually see my new cape...