Gothic Bellydancer

Worn at: Anime North 2008, Dragon*Con 2009, various dance events

I had the dreads from my Emerald Gothic/Cyber Lolita and was inspired to make a gothic bellydance costume. Amusingly enough the result ended up looking a bit similar to a well-known gothic dancer named Sashi, but it's completely coincidental.

The top is my handmade coin bra (covered with silk velvet and handsewn coins/embellishments). I made the pants and layered skirts; the sequined hip wrap was purchased.

The panel belt has holographic vinyl Heat n' Bonded to it and is bound with silver vinyl. I made all the tassels using variegated yarn and strung sequins. The jewellery is part of my standard dance wardrobe and was purchased on Ebay.

Showing my petticoat at High Park Close-up of the previous pic