Hades - fanart

Hades by SunsetdragonWorn at: Otakuthon 2018

Original design by SunsetDragon; I fell in love with this design but it turned out to be way more complicated than originally anticipated. Of course part of that was due to my decision to make the bodice sheer (why?).

There is a zip-front corset as structure underneath, with the silk dress hand-tacked to it to create waist definition. The silk was custom dyed by Vickybunnyangel to create the initial lavender-grey gradient. I then overdyed the hem blue, hand-painted the flame patterns, and applied rhinestones. I had originally planned to use discharge paste for the flame patterns before overdyeing, but the  silk discharged to an ugly yellow colour, so paint was my backup plan.

The hem is appliquéd onto a dark grey netting to create the illusion of floating flames.

The bodice is mesh with thicker mesh dyed and  appliquéd using the glue from the rhinestones. The rhinestone on the sleeves were done before sewing, but the bodice area was done on a dressform to ensure correct appliqué and rhinestone placement. The bodice snaps on to the corset, and then the dress fastens on top.

The wig has a large styrofoam core, with a lot of teasing, freeze spray, and tacky glue. It's surprisingly comfortable!

Photo 1 by Buddy Cosplay Photography. Photo 2 by Elemental Photography & Deaign.