"Hot Ice" Hilda - Outlaw Star


Worn at: Anime North 2006, Anime Next 2006

Hilda has been my #1 favourite anime chick since I first saw Outlaw Star. She's so unlike most anime women - cool, confident, mature, experienced, kicks ass, has her own ship and can wrap brash young men like Gene around her little finger. She's my hero. ;-) Needless to say, this costume has been on my to-do list for eons but I just didn't get around to it for awhile

The fabrics were a pain to find, as the jacket fabric had to have enough stiffness and body to puff out nicely in the sleeves yet the same fabric had to be stretchy for the shirt and pants (damn character designers!). Finally found a heavy stretch polyester blend in the right colour, and a super-narrow-wale stretch corduroy in that dull bilious yellow (what were they thinking?) for the trim. All the trim on the jacket and shirt are facings that turn to the outside and are handstitched down. Also had to handstitch the stripes on the leggings while they were on me, as the 3 different fabrics had vastly different stretch quotients. :P

The gloves are made from gray spandex, and the wristbands and collar are Sole-flex covered in more spandex. The leprechaun-esque boot buckles are Sculpey attached to bands of black spandex that fit over the boots so that I can wear them with other costumes. The taser is pink insulation foam, covered with spandex, with a plastic top and Sculpey spikes.

The wig is Stu's old Morpheus wig, which was too short for Hilda so I made new wefts from loose extension hair and hand-sewed them in, making it extra full and poofy. It's one of my favourite wigs.

It's a bit disappointing how few people notice or recognize this costume, but I guess if you're not an OLS fan it's not much to look at. I did really enjoy being Hilda, though, as I felt all piratey and smug.

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