Irene Adler - BBC Sherlock


Worn at: Katsucon 20, Con-G

I am conflicted about this version of Irene, because I want to punch Steven Moffat in the face. In my headcanon, that episode ends when Mycroft cuts Irene a cheque. No unbelievable schoolgirl-ish stupidity with her (incredibly important) phone lock code, no humiliation, no rescue, none of that rubbish. Irene beats them because she is a badass.

This was intended as an easy hall costume, although I can only wear those shoes for about 4 hours before my feet suddenly say OH HELL NO.

The dress is basically just a basic sheath with external darts and a collar that extends into the decorative strip that's pleated and tacked to the dress along the left side.

I ran out of time and ended up making a riding crop out of a fiberglass rod, craft foam and electrical tape.

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