it bugs me!

Here's my rant on the illustration business.

And here's the one on nudity.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to the preservation of First Amendment rights for creators and retailers in the comics community. The CBLDF's guiding principle is that comics should be accorded the same constitutional rights as literature, film, or any other form of expression. Unfortunately, in North America there is a pervasive misconception that comics are only for creators and retailers are constantly being jailed for 'obscenity' for creating and selling comics that were never intended for young readers. Help out the fight!

Dr. Laura Schlessinger - Everybody's favourite rabid anti-gay talk radio host. That's right, Laura, all gays are pedophiles. Just like all Jewish women are bitchy blonde hypocritical bigots...

On the other side of the spectrum, there's Dan Savage's column. He's lots of fun. I'd like to see Dan and Dr. Laura duke it out....he could kiss his boyfriend in front of her and then she'd pass out from righteous indignation. ^_^

Operation CLAMBAKE - The Inner Secrets of Scientology - It's amazing the stupid things people will buy into (and with Scientology, the emphasis is on BUY$$$). This site is aimed at revealing Scientology for the cheesy sci-fi shakedown operation it is, and to help people get over their temporary insanity. Read "The XEMU Leaflet", it's VERY funny.

Darwin Takes a Drubbing - Disturbing and frustrating info on the creationism vs. evolutionism debate in US classrooms. Yes, it has been suggested that kids are blowing each other away with guns because they were so mad when they found out they evolved from flatworms!

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