Jasmin - Abarenbou Princess


Worn at: Anime North '05, Anime North'07

I've never played the game; I just really liked the design and colours.

The corset is boned and then covered in a layer of padding to create a smooth surface. The corset trim is Sole-flex covered in fabric. The appliqué on corset and skirt includes 78 individual pieces applied with Heat n' Bond and then edged with silver fabric paint. The skirt hem has craft foam inside to make a smooth line.

The underdress and undersleeves are spandex, and the accessories are Sculpey. The shoulder pauldrons are Sole-flex on a base of heat-shaped thermoplastic. I carved the sole-flex to the right shape and then covered it with padding and fabric (got to exercise my mascot-covering muscles) and sewed the pauldrons to leather straps that snap in front.

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