Jellyfish - Original Design

Jellyfish sketchWorn at: FanExpo 2016

I have always loved jellyfish - they're so cool and creepy and magical. 

I chose a Purple-striped Jelly (chrysaora colorata) as inspiration. The dress is a layer of thin silk pongee over iridescent organza, sewn in 12 panels and then painted. I then hand-pleated the 2 layers onto a base bodice wigh crystals and pearls to give a watery effect.

The tutu and top ruffle are made from many layers of ruffled tulle. The tights and top ruffle have hot-fix rhinestones to imitate bubbles in dark water. The tentacles are flounces (cut in a spiral) and hand-hemmed to get the maximum floaty effect, then hand-painted like the dress.

I gradient dyed and styled the wig in a half-updo.