Jinx - Teen Titans (TV)

Worn at: CNAnime/SFX 2005


I thought Jinx was super-cute in that perkygoth way when I first saw the show, so when Xiola started badgering people to do Teen Titans costumes with her, it didn't take much convincing for me. The dress was more difficult than I'd anticipated, as I hadn't sewn much PVC before and it was really annoying to work with (sandwiching everything between tissue paper, picking out the bits of tissue paper afterwards, having to topstitch everything, piping a point) but it turned out pretty well and was not as stiflingly hot as I'd thought it would be.

I'd been at my wits' end for what fabric to use because in the cartoon her dress is drawn as black with a purple shine, and no fabric like that exists. Shiny black fabric has a white shine, as does shiny purple fabric. Xiola and I found this metallic purple snakeskin PVC while fabric shopping and decided to veer away from total accuracy in the interests of coolness, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

The tights are not accurate, because Jinx's tights have 5-inch-wide stripes, and there are no tights out there like that, and I didn't have the time or inclination to make them myself. It was just a fun hall costume, so I didn't really care. Ditto with the soles of my boots which should be purple, but I use those boots for other things so I don't want to paint them. :P

The wig is the big eye-catcher with this costume - it was only my second time doing major wig surgery, but I learned from my mistakes with Windy so Jinx was comfortable to wear, fit over my hair, and was pretty durable (a good thing considering I kept smacking the tips of the 'horns' into things and people all day). People kept asking how I did it, so I've put up a tutorial on how I made the wig.

The costume's pretty simple, but it's cute and has big bright hair and is recognizable and fairly comfy, so I suspect it will become a favourite. The only drawback is it's bad for crowds as I have to walk sideways to avoid hitting people with my hair. *lol*

Jinx Jinx Jinx Jinx & Starfire Pic thanks to Oselle Pic thanks to D2R At AnimeNext 06